Halloween fun at Heathcote

At Heathcote we love a chance to dress up and have themed activities, so Halloween is always a great time for us.

Heathcote Pre School children have been finding out and exploring the different textures of pumpkins using more than one of their senses. After having a discussion about the pumpkin, we had some amazing descriptive words and phrases about what the pumpkin looks like, such as; looks like ‘an orange’ on the outside and ‘spider webs’ on the inside. We also agreed that the pumpkin feels ‘soft’, ‘happy’ and ‘like paint’ on the outside, but on the inside, it felt ‘slimy’, like ‘melons’ and like ‘balloons’. The children then chose their own way of playing with the pumpkin as they then used the pumpkin slices as a ‘walkie talkie’ and made it look like ‘a tunnel’, ‘a bridge’ and ‘a rainbow’.

After exploring a pumpkin, we decided to make our own pumpkins, but first we had to make the colour for the pumpkins. The children agreed that they wanted their pumpkins to be orange and to make orange we tried mixing yellow and red together, it worked! We had to wait for the paint to dry, so using fine motor skills and their imagination, the children cut out the eyes, mouth and any other feature they wanted for their pumpkin – like a nose. Once the paint had dried, the children were able to complete their creation using glue to stick their features onto their pumpkins, to complete the pumpkins we made a hole for the stalk of the pumpkin and the children concentrated beautifully as they threaded a pipe cleaner through the hole. We were super impressed as they kept on trying and seemed to enjoy achieving what they set out to do.

The children seemed to enjoy mixing colours to make a new colour, we wondered what else we could do to watch how things change, Shannon used warm water to cook some spaghetti so the children could see the spaghetti go from being ‘hard’ to ‘soft’. The children noticed that when the Spaghetti had been cooked and was soft that it became ‘sticky’. Shannon also introduced another colour combination that made a different colour, blue and yellow which made green! The children then added the green paint to the spaghetti, they also chose black paint to add to some more spaghetti. To add some extra spookiness, Shannon added spiders!

We love to encourage the children to use their imagination and to choose their own way of doing things. Therefore, amongst our other Halloween activities, we made spiders, bats and mummies – it was an interesting conversation on the difference between our Mummy’s who look after us and the ‘monster mummies’. We used lots of different resources for our creations, including; cotton wool and coloured paper for the spiders, hand printing in paint for the bats and masking tape for the bandages of the mummies.

This week was also the first half-term we had the chance to visit the school’s Forest School, we are very excited about the new exploring and learning opportunities this will bring! Watch this space!”

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