be part of our family

Home visits

This is a chance for us to get to know one another before your child becomes part of polkadot world. It give us the opportunity to understand your needs and for you and your child to become familiar with us so that settling-in becomes a swift and comfortable process.
In order to welcome you to the polkadot family we like to visit you at home. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, find out about what you will need to bring to nursery, see a ‘going home book’, see the menu and discuss our daily activities. You will also be asked to pick a password and tell us who is likely to be collecting your baby. At this visit we will also arrange settling-ins with you.

Getting to know the family

Our relationship with you is just as important to us as the one we build with your child. Sharing information about your child, your expectations and your daily routine is key to us providing the best possible care and making life as stress-free as we can. From the outset, our friendly welcoming team will get to know you and your extended family, offering you the support you need to make an informed decision. You will be encouraged to bring your partner and extended family as often as you like, when you like, to ensure you’re comfortable and confident with your decision and are happy with your choice.

Settling in – all settings, whatever the age

Settling-ins are times when you and your little one will come along to the nursery and spend time with our staff in the room your child will join. This gives you the opportunity to get to know your child’s carers and talk about their routine, their likes and dislikes. This time spent with your child’s carers helps to create familiarity and gives you the reassurance that your child recognises where they are and who they are with.

Take Home book

Your child’s take home book will be your link with us on a daily basis. It will let you know what your child has been doing in the day, how many bottles and how much milk they have taken. Also when they had their nappy changed and if it was wet, dry or soiled. It will show you what, and how well, they have eaten and whether they have slept and for how long.
Returning to nursery you will use the book to tell your child’s carers what sort of night’s sleep your little one had, if they’ve had any medication and at what time, when their last bottle was and how much they had. You can also use it to tell us what your little one has been doing so we can understand their moods. This information is essential in caring for your little one and helps us ensure they get the best care possible.

Just like new

We take great pride in our facilities and every care is taken to ensure that our equipment, toys, furnishings and learning materials are maintained to the very highest standards. Housekeeping plays a huge role in our day to day tasks and is carried out by dedicated staff, not your child’s carers.


Our communication with you regarding your child’s care and your agreement with us are through two distinct channels to ensure privacy and confidentiality.
We continuously review our practises in order to be the best. Your input is invaluable as it helps us to evaluate and shape the future of our service to you.

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