World Book Day at Alcester

World Book Day was an exciting time for all of our children to share lots of stories with their friends. In Baby Dots, the children were invited to bring in a favourite cuddly animal to read a story all about animals. They also had a Teddy Bears Picnic with them! In TopDots, the children were invited to bring in a favourite book and dress up as a character from it if they wished! We had a fantastic Snail on a Whale outfit, Peppa Pig visited us and we also had a very noisy dinosaur to name a few! TopDots spent lots of time looking at each other’s books and telling their friends all about their favourite parts of the story. In Pre-school the children were also invited to bring in their books and get dressed up, there were lots of fantastic outfits and books to share. Pre-school also focused on two story books – The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. The children thoroughly enjoyed role-playing with the different building materials that were used by the Little Pigs and all the things that Goldilocks tried in the Bears house, such as the porridge, and the beds!

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