‘What’s been happening at Polkadot Stratford?’

‘The children at Polkadot Stratford have been very busy. Baby Dots have been exploring paint and marks through table top painting using cars. The children have had fun with the bubbles, playing in the outdoor area with the bikes, as well as exploring the treasure baskets. Baby Dots and Dots to Tots have been using the sand to explore texture using tools such as spoons to dig and fill. Dots to Tots children have been creating Autumn collages with tissue paper and decorating Diwali pictures for the Festival of Light. Top Dots have been in the allotment area, pulling up the last of their carrots to support their learning surrounding Harvest time. They even made vegetable soup in recent weeks. The children found all the pumpkins in the garden, ready to carve for our Halloween Parent and Family Afternoon on Thursday 26th October from 4pm.’

Lucy Stanley – Polkadot and Gingham Pre-School Manager

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