What’s been happening at Gingham Pre-School?

“Gingham children have had a very busy half term week. During the week the children went for a forest school day at Bunting Pre-School, held a Parent Join in session and had a walk to the library. The children and families enjoyed a Chinese New Year themed day, the children took part in food tasting in the morning and lots of fun activities with their parents in the afternoon. Activities included noodle play, noodle painting, making fans and red and gold sparkly playdough.

During our day at Bunting the children had a great time in the forest school. The children collected twigs and branches that had fallen and used their imagination to create a “Fish Finger Shop”.

The children investigated the area, using tools to dig and look for bugs. The children collected some sticks from forest school to later use to create marks and movements on their paper using paint. The children loved exploring and playing with all the different toys too.

On Friday the children went on a walk to the library in the town centre. The children spent time looking at and sharing books with each other. They then chose a selection of books to take back to Gingham to share with everyone over the coming weeks.

At Gingham the children have also enjoyed investigating the new wall blackboard as well as the snow and ice, finding ice in the outdoor area and using tools to break and build with the ice.”

Lucy Stanley

Pre-School Manager

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