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for little people age 3 months – 5 years

Our wonderful ‘green’ setting offered by our location on Wellesbourne campus is used to broaden our outdoor learning which is one of our great passions. In addition to the great indoor space, Seedlings has an abundance of outdoor play areas, designed to stretch the imagination of every child.

The setting is split into 3 age appropriate stages through which your child will progress during their time with us.

We offer 2 year funded places and 3 year funded places up to 30 hours, please find more information: www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

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Little Pips (3 months to 2 years)

Our Baby Room has an extensive play area equipped with high quality ‘Community Playthings’ equipment and consists of a cosy area , a black and white area, role-play area, construction area, treasure baskets etc. Little Pips have a separate creative / messy play area that can be accessed directly from their main room. They also have immediate access to an suitably resourced outdoor play area with a soft safety surface, grass area and a variety of suitable toys, resources and equipment. There is a separate cot room, milk kitchen and nappy room, all accessible without leaving the unit. Babies follow their own daily routine with regard to sleep. Each child has their own named cot and bedding. The children use their own formula milk, before gradually being introduced to a range of textures and flavours through our specially prepared weaning foods. At nappy time each child has their own named box with their own supplies.

Buds (2 years – 3 Years)

The activities and resources in this room are designed ideally for this age group, allowing them to progress in all areas of their learning and development. Areas are set up so that the children who are becoming increasingly independent can self access resources and begin to make choices. Divided into many areas including a cosy book corner where the children enjoy choosing their own books or begin to sit as part of a group to listen to stories read by a member of staff. A role play area reflecting the children’s changing interests enabling the children to begin to act out roles that they see at home. Children are able to sit at a table to complete inset jigsaws and mark making activities. The room has both hard floor and carpet surfaces so that children can experience a range of creative, sensory and other exploratory activities from construction and small world, to creative and messy malleable activities. The children have direct ‘free flow’ access to a covered outdoor play area with a soft safety surface, and grass area. This area is resourced to reflect the activities that are being provided inside but often on a larger or messier scale. There are areas for rest and relaxation as well as for physical play. Children can choose to make their own music, chalk and make marks, explore nature or imagine.

Blooms (3 years to 5 years)

Blooms have a substantial play environment planned to support and enhance their learning and development. Children are able to self select resources and activities, and are also encouraged to begin to look after their own belongings. Areas are set up so that the children can access many different areas including a cosy corner for reflection or for choosing their own books. A substantial role play area reflecting children’s changing interests e.g. an aeroplane to a hairdressers and enables children to begin to act out roles that they see in the world around them. There are a variety of resources for construction, and small world to encourage imaginative play. The children have access to an outdoor area that includes both soft safety surface and grass. They also have opportunity to extend their knowledge of the world around them, through adventures in our ‘nature classroom’. These areas are appropriately resourced to reflect the skills that the children are developing inside, but often on a larger or messier scale e.g. mark making through painting with water or mud, large scale construction with cardboard tubes and crates.

Nursery Education Funding sessions are available and childcare vouchers accepted – please call or mail us for details.

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