Seedlings Nursery – Exploring the Outdoors!

Children in Blooms at Seedlings, have been learning lots in our Nature garden.

Over the last few weeks we have been exploring and experimenting and finding out lots of new things!

We have also been learning to look after wildlife.

We start off our Nature Garden session by sitting around the log circle talking about the rules of the Nature Garden and discussing what we will be doing in our session.

At the end of our session we all come back around the log circle to talk about what we have enjoyed doing, we also sit quietly for a few minutes listening to the sounds we can hear in our outdoor environment, we then talk about what we have heard.

Here are a few of the things we have been doing:

Exploring and using our imagination in the mud kitchen, making mud pie, chocolate and mud pancakes and worm and leaf soup.

Mud painting – we have been experimenting making our own mud paint, mixing water and soil together and adding food colouring to make more colours.

We have used large gross motor movement while painting the trees, the children have given meaning to the marks they have made,

“A dress for the tree”

“A house”


The children used different tools to paint with, large paint brushes, small brushes and sticks.

We have been on bug hunts using magnifying glasses, looking under logs, on trees and in bushes.

We have found ladybirds, slugs, spiders, snail, and lots of small white eggs.

The children are very careful when lifting up the logs and put them back down gently so we don’t hurt the bugs we have found.

We have made some little bug houses to keep them safe too!

We love watching the birds especially the robin that always comes to say hello.

We look after the birds by filling the bird feeders up with seeds so they don’t go hungry.

We have been using lots of mathematical language while measuring sticks against our arms and measuring ourselves against the trees.
We have used words such as longer, shorter, smaller and bigger.

This week we are making our own 3D maps, we have found natural resources around the Nature Garden to use and worked together as a team to create our map.

We used stones as a bridge and pine cones as a swamp, sticks as the forest and some bark as the mountains, we used some daffodils leaves as x marks the spot for our treasure!!

We then acted out our adventure.

Some of you might of heard your children talking about Kit squirrel.

Kit squirrel isn’t a real squirrel but is a feature in our garden given to us from a child that loved the Nature Garden, when he left for school.

We named the squirrel Kit to remember him.

The children love making Kit nests to sleep in and stroke him and often sit and talk to him.

They enjoy sitting around the tree where Kit the squirrel sits making him lunch and playing with him.

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