Pumpkin Growing at Polkadot Alcester!

Earlier this year, the Pre-school children were very interested in how things grow and amongst other seeds and vegetables, they decided to plant some pumpkins to see if we could grow our own for Halloween 2021! So, the Pre-school children sprinkled some compost onto trays and planted lots of pumpkin seeds. Under their watchful eyes, with lots of care and watering, they grew into tiny pumpkin seedlings! These seedlings were moved into plant pots and made their way outside to the greenhouse where they were treated to a spritz with the spray bottles every day and there they grew into pumpkin plants! When they were big enough, they travelled out to the porch for all of our Polkadot families to join in the growing fun, by taking a plant home and nurturing it, to see who could grow the biggest pumpkin. They went home with Baby Dots, Top Dots and Pre-school families. These are some of the progress photos that were sent in and one of the resulting pumpkins, that has been delivered to TopDots ready for some Halloween fun next week! If you took one of our pumpkin plants home and have any photos to share or even if you have been out pumpkin picking at one of the local farms, we would love to see your photos!


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