Polkadot Pershore – Looking back at what we got up to in March!

At Pershore, in March we have used all of our senses to explore and celebrate the world around us.

Under 2’s have used oats to fill up and empty containers, practicing hand-eye coordination, playing with playdough, flour and cornflakes creating different textures, painting with shaving foam and compost digging. For little hands who are unsure of touching paint , we used zip-lock bags filled with paint, real fruit and vegetable juice. The children have also been using kind words and hands when “looking after our baby dolls”.

A big thank you to all parents that provided us with lovely family photos for our new display.

Over 2’s have had a great time painting hard boiled eggs, decorating their own marbled egg, as well as having “meaningful” conversation with Bunny rabbit in anticipation of Easter. Chocolate playdough has been very popular, as you can imagine and we even manged to have a morning picnic outdoors!

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