Polkadot Nursery- Stratford upon Avon – Hello Autumn!

Well Autumn is finally here, with the darker nights, cosy evenings at home and the leaves changing to some beautiful Autumnal colours.

Last week, we celebrated National Forest School day! The children loved exploring the Nature Garden with lots of emptying and filling buckets with water, mud and bark.

Down in the Allotment the children found a snail and were very keen to observe and give the snail a ‘flower to smell’, they watched as it slowly made a trail across the flower bed.

Following this, we extended our outdoor learning to indoors, with painting using leaves and sensory activities such as a ‘touch and feel’ game with leaves and pine cones.

Just a reminder from staff at Polkadot- Please could you make sure you are bringing in an empty labelled water bottle daily for your child to use throughout the day. Thank you.

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