Polkadot Heathcote – What have we been up to…??

It has been wonderful welcoming some new children to our setting! We have been getting into the full swing of activities, including; a sand tray, the children used diggers to recreate the tasks and jobs that we’ve seen some builders near us doing. We’ve also been making lots of different coloured and scented play dough, some of our favourites have been the tropical scented play dough and the yellow, lemon scented play dough. The children have also been showing us their amazing imaginations and strengthening their fine and gross motor skills by creating some amazing things in the play dough, using the shaped cutters at times but also their hands.

We have introduced our new children to the use of sign language in our ‘Hello song’ which we sing in our circle times. They have already began to pick up the various signs for each of the children’s letters at the start of their name, as well as singing beautifully together. During our circle times, we have also been using some instruments to practise different beats, sometimes the beats are lead by the grown ups, however, some of the children have shown some wonderful confidence and lead the beats for the whole group. We have also been getting back into dancing to our favourite songs, it’s been so much fun finding out what everyone’s favourite songs are; including the Spider-Man theme song. The children have also been showing some wonderful listening ears as they have followed some instruction songs doing different actions and movements.

We’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks getting to know the new children and we look forward to what the next year will bring.

We are so excited for Halloween – watch this space for an update on our fun activities.

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