Polkadot Heathcote – February Fun at Polkadot Heathcote

Some of our school leavers have shown an interest in writing, so this February at Heathcote we have been focusing on strengthening our fine and gross motor skills. This helps to get the children ready to begin writing; holding pens easily and forming recognisable letters etc. 

We have included various themes in our activities; like spreading the love with our Valentine’s Day cards, the children used a pincer grip to pick up the shapes to do paint printing to decorate the cards and then they had a go at writing their names in the cards too. We were very impressed with the results. 

We have also been trying to do some more baking activities with the children, using gross motor skills to mix the ingredients together. We made cookies, rocky roads and some rice crispy cakes for the children to take home, many of them wanted to share their goodies with their family. 

Another activity that has been popular is table top painting, it gave us the chance to discuss the names of different colours and what we thought would happen to the colours if we mixed them together. To further the activity more we encouraged the children to use their peter pointer fingers to write the first letter of their names, so many of them did really well. 

Other activities included play dough where we saw some children incorporating the moves we learnt in Dough Disco which was amazing. The children had a great time exploring gloop, looking at the different textures and finding out all the fun that could be done with it, some children spent a very long time at this activity. Shannon has also started doing some action songs with the children called ‘sticky kids’, there are some really fun songs on there working on the children’s gross motor skills and their listening skills. 

We’ve also been doing lots of hop scotch and football outside which has been helping the children improve their gross motor skills, their control and their balance. They seem to really enjoy doing these activities, and as the weather continues to get better we look forward to spending even more time outside. 

They continue to amaze and impress us with their progress in all areas of the EYFS. 

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