Polkadot Heathcote – Activity time!

We have been doing a lot of activities that focus on fine and gross motor skills. The children have shown particular enjoyment when taking part in our ‘Dough Disco’, as well as cutting with scissors and making pasta necklaces.

Dough Disco seemed to be a favorite of the children’s last term so we have continued to offer the activity. Dough Disco allows children to practise their fine and gross motor skills, as well as building their confidence. Using play dough and music creates a fun atmosphere for all children to learn the techniques to make various shapes in play dough.

Practising using scissors to cut paper has been an activity that the children have either asked to do or selected out as an addition to drawing and colouring. We then go on to draw shapes and cut them out.

Making the pasta necklaces seemed to be something that the children enjoyed as many of them spent a long time at the activity. Some found threading the string through the pasta difficult but we encouraged them to keep on trying and they succeeded. Their concentration throughout the activity was fantastic. Once they had threaded the pasta onto the string they were given the option to paint the pasta which finished the activity off nicely.

In pre-school, fine and gross motor skills are an important factor to help get the children ready for school. We always try to include activities that can build the children’s confidence and strength in fine and gross motor skills, while also making it fun.

We are so happy to be back and to welcome some new friends to the nursery.

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