Polkadot Alcester’s Living Eggs Hatching Experience

It was very exciting to take charge of a special batch of eggs in the Alcester Pre-School room, the children were very curious as to what was happening in the box and quickly learned some new words such as “incubator” and “hatching”. The children from TopDots and Baby Dots were soon to visit to check out the new arrivals! Egg watch became the theme of the week and both children and adults were on tenterhooks waiting for the first crack! It took a few days and a little bit of help but eventually we had a lovely brood of fluffy yellow chicks cheeping away in their brooder box. All of the children were really thoughtful and gentle when stroking and getting to know the chicks, the Pre-School children spent a long time discussing different names, among the suggestions were Optimus Prime and Charlie Chick. During the second week, the chicks visited each room in their brooder box and the children took turns to hold them and feel their soft fluffy coats and listen to their cheeping getting louder and louder! The Pre-School children noticed that the chicks had started to grow feathers on their wings and their tails and all too soon it was time to say Goodbye to our little friends as they went off to their new homes.

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