October Blog – Polkadot Pershore

Our Baby Dots have had a lot of fun with sensory and messy activities. We have particularly enjoyed the ‘dough disco’ and practising how to pat, squash and squeeze playdough. We have been exploring pumpkins and looking at and feeling the seeds inside and then we went on to add some leaves with different colours and textures. There was a lot of fun gluing these leaves afterwards to see what patterns we could make along with the sounds of crunching. Finally we had our Halloween party with dressing up and games, apple bobbing and the jelly tray was one of the favourite games.

Toddler Dots have been busy with emptying and filling containers using different mediums such as rice and then asking lots of questions. We have been looking at the world around us and using books and pictures we have been painting hedgehogs and squirrels, making playdough hedgehogs using spaghetti, buttons and googly eyes. We have had autumn tuff trays with a variety of pumpkins and squashes along with leaves, conkers and fir cones. For Halloween we have made spooky spaghetti, explored pumpkins, cornflour with spiders and creepy crawlies and a party tea!

Pre-school have shown a great curiosity about the changes they have been noticing around them. This started with the fallen apples in the garden which have been great for rolling down the pipes. This led on to some fantastic questions and comments about the season – ‘the leaves are turning red and crispy’, ‘the squirrels are collecting acorns’, ‘its almost time for pumpkin pie!’, ‘why is it so dark when I come to nursery?’.

And of course it wouldn’t be October without some spooky goings on! Look at the photos of all of our wonderful sensory activities.

We have also had a Thankful Pumpkin where families have been able to add what makes them thankful to our pumpkin when they arrive at nursery.

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