Making sense of the world at Polkadot Pershore

In June, it was all about the diversity of experiences that surround us. We have embraced nature in all its forms and we have been rewarded by the Wildlife Trust with a certificate stating that Polkadot Pershore completed “30 Days Wild”

Younger children have been making sense of the environment by exploring different nature based sensory experiences: using tapioca, pasta and rice, making collages out of herbs and flower petals, as well as compost. Wooden building blocks and sand have also been used to aid with fine and gross motor skills.

In the over 2’s age group, the children have been really excited talking and checking daily their own made wormery. We talked about the bones in our bodies and most children have now an understanding of what X ray looks like. Colours were mixed to obtain colours we observed in nature and we practised our fine and gross motor skills as fire fighters, as well as building our own fire engine.

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