Making ice at Seedlings!

In Blooms this week the children have been exploring frost and ice. We found some in the garden while playing outside. The children explored the frost and ice by touching it and describing how it felt.

The children described the ice and frost saying,

“Looks like snow”

”Feels cold”

”Sounds crunchy”

We then talked about making our own ice.

We looked on the iPad at the overnight weather forecast and were very pleased to see it was going to be -4 degrees.

The children collected twigs leaves and pine cones for part of the experiment. We placed some of these items into some containers and filled them with water using cups. The children showed good control pouring the water into the containers. It took 1.5 cups to fill the container, we talked and looked at the quantities that we used. We then took the containers into the garden and placed them on the table to leave overnight. We were excited with anticipation!

The next morning we went outside to check our container’s to see what had happened, we were really pleased that our water had turned to ice!

The children then explored the ice with their hands, using lots of describing words such as cold, slippery, wet, slimy, freezing, melting and getting smaller.

We talked about why we thought the ice was melting… One of the children said “Because its warm in here and cold outside”.

The children really loved getting involved in this experiment! We plan to do more water experiments in the coming weeks!

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