Look what we’ve been up to at Gingham Pre-School….

Children at Gingham Pre-School have been so busy. We have celebrated Chinese New Year through food tasting- eating prawn crackers and spring rolls. We also had a great time creating our ‘own stir fry’ in the tuff spot, using a variety of items and tools to chop, mix and serve. We created our own Chinese Drums too.

To help the birds get all their yummy food, we made some bird feeders using cereal and blueberries, we hung them in the garden area and have enjoyed watching the birds coming to eat them up! We also took some home to put in our own gardens and outdoor spaces.

During the cold weather we explored forest school, searching for and investigating the ice. We also came across lots of snails, which was very interesting- they were all different sizes!

One of the Mummy’s very kindly brought us some daffodils, we enjoyed watching them grow from their buds to beautiful yellow trumpets and showed interest in mark making by drawing them.

We had a lovely time on Shrove Tuesday, we enjoyed pancakes for snack with a selection of toppings and used our imagination to create our own pancakes in the role play area with mixed ingredients.

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