Happy times at Polkadot Alcester

Fun, sun and laughter in our baby and toddler bubble at Alcester.

We have made use of our new discovered skills, like kicking the ball, drawing, observing wildlife and pretend play. Oh.. water play was also lots of fun! When it got too hot we took turns dipping in the big water tray!

We have been painting in Pre-School on a large scale! Paint, chalk and water was used to draw on cling film made up surfaces, the black board, the wooden house, even on the plastic walls of our house by the river.

Mummies, daddies, brothers and sisters, wild creatures, insects, made-up characters, all came to life when we played using our imaginations. How we wish you could hear the made up stories and the adventures we have encountered going to all these amazing places.

Please see below photos and notice the hand-eye coordination, the level of concentration and the beautiful smile on every child’s face.


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