Green Thumbs at Polkadot Heathcote!

At Polkadot Heathcote we have continued to look after the sunflowers that we planted a couple months ago. We have been watching them slowly get bigger and bigger until we all agreed that it was time for them to be rehomed in the garden. 

The children got stuck into the activity, they followed instructions really well. They made a hole in the soil ready for the sunflowers to be put in. We then showed them how to take the sunflowers out of their pots without pulling them out. We had a discussion about how we needed to look after the roots so that the sunflowers could continue to grow. The children were able to use the same technique to get the sunflowers and the roots out safely and unharmed. They then gently placed the sunflowers on the holes and filled the hole with more soil. The children took turns and watched each other so well as they completed their tasks.

Once the sunflowers were planted we got some more volunteers to help water the sunflowers, we also discussed why we had to water the sunflowers, and the children showed their knowledge of why the plants need water and how they grow. As they also reminded us that the plants also need the sun to grow. 

We will continue to watch them as they grow, and can’t wait to see the garden full of our yellow sunflowers.

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