Green fingers at Polkadot Stratford

The children at Polkadot Stratford have been settling back in to nursery life and enjoying the everyday toys where they have been using their Gross Motor Skills to manoeuvre big vehicles outside as well as using their imagination to build their own train track and enjoying some hide and seek fun!!

It has been lovely to appreciate the sunshine outdoors, the staff and children have been busy planting as well as having some of their meals outside! The children have been enjoying the experience of planting in the gardens ready for the summer and have been using their senses to smell the different types of plants and flowers. They have all been really engaged and continued to learn about the after care as they show a ‘can do attitude’ by checking on them every day and watering them, we are all very excited to watch them grow.

Thank you to all our parents for your continued patience and support over this time.


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