Green Fingers at Bunting Pre-School!

The weather lately has been so unpredictable, so we are now making the most of the sunshine. The children at Bunting enjoyed planting some seeds, bulbs, and plants into our flower beds. They helped staff to dig holes, plant seeds and cover them up. The children will help care for the plants by watering regularly and checking them for bugs.  They are very keen to see them grow and flower and the children understood that the plants will need sunshine and rain to help them grow healthy. They also understood that we need food, drinks and sunshine to help us stay healthy as well.

The children were role playing in the outdoor area and they used wheels to create an ice cream van made out of the wooden play house. The children offered options of different flavours including strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Some of them also talked about having a cold ice cream whilst they were at the beach.  Everyone had an enjoyable time, and the children made the most of the sunshine.

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