Glorious May at Polkadot Pershore

In May at Polkadot Pershore our babies and toddlers have been exploring new activities through their senses: gloop, paint, sensory lights, balls and books, jelly, custard and we have been using new words such as: dog, ball, clock and ball. The children are also showing they are able to identify their nursery friends by name through pointing.

Over 2’s were fascinated by the butterflies larvae and releasing the newly formed butterflies, it was just magical watching them waving and exchanging opinions about where the butterflies might be going. Team work, sharing and problem solving is a daily reminder and requires a lot of concentration, kindness and we couldn’t be more proud of all the children trying their hardest.

Sunflower seeds have been planted on a very cold day, however the excitement and positivity was very generously spread around the garden. Now the sunflower competition is on…see more details in our June Parents Letter! Number exploration and number hunting down in the forest was another topic in which children were engaged for a good few weeks. It might be a good idea at the weekend when you go to the park, shopping or garden to encourage your child in identifying number and count where you can!

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