Gingham Pre-School Out and About…..

The children at Gingham enjoyed a walk in the local community this week. We discussed safety before we went on our walk and what we thought we might see. Along our walk we stopped off at the park and enjoyed using our climbing and balancing skills on the climbing frame and slide. As we continued our walk, we noticed blackberries growing in the bushes- we discussed how we knew if the berries were ready “they need to be nice and black, ready to eat, not the red ones, they are not ready yet!”. This also led on to learning about the dangers of berries, children had a good awareness of this- “they might be poisonous”. During our walk we used our mathematical knowledge to discuss sizes of vehicles as well as counting the cars we saw. We explored our literacy skills by identifying letters we saw on street signs, using our fingers to trace around and along the letters. We also noticed ‘for sale’ signs along our route too.


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