Exploring outside at Seedlings Nursery

‘Here are photos of some of our Blooms children (3+) this week. They have had lots of fun outside, firstly getting the vegetable patch ready for planting and then going to our Nature Garden.

The children sat in the log circle and they talked about the rules to keep everyone safe. They then chose what they wanted to do in Nature School. Some of the children tried balancing around the logs. Then the children made some mud pies and served them on plates for everyone’s dinner as they sat in the circle again. They also enjoyed hiding in the bushes and playing “One, two, three, where are you?” The children collected lots of ‘treasure’ that they found on the ground, including alder cones and shiny ivy leaves. At the end of the session the children talked about what they had enjoyed most and said, “This is the best day ever” and “I enjoyed exploring everything!”.’

Allison Aves – Nursery Manager

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