frequently asked questions

How do I book extra sessions?

You can email the nursery, complete an extra sessions form or enquire at the office.

How do I pay for extra sessions?

Extra sessions will be invoiced at the end of the month.

What do we do if we are on holiday and do we still need to pay?

Please let the nursery know if your child will be absent for holidays, your child’s key person will be planning activities for your child and it helps them to be aware so they plan effectively for your child’s next learning steps. Please see terms and conditions relating to holiday payments.

Do I need to let you know if my child will not be attending nursery?

Please contact the nursery to let us know, your child’s key person will be planning activities for your child and it helps them to be aware so they plan effectively for your child’s next learning steps if your child is absent due to ill health it is important we are aware of any communicable diseases.

How is the nursery education grant calculated?

The entitlement is 15 hours a week (term time only) for all 3 and 4 year olds. The funding is paid directly to Polkadot who apply for funding for your child. The free hours are then automatically deducted from your childcare bill.

Can my child attend nursery if they are on medication?

Yes if it is prescribed by a doctor and it has been administered for 24hrs, this is in case of any allergic reaction.

What is your registration number and awarding body for tax credit information?

Ofsted are our awarding body, please see our inspection reports on the website for the registration number.

How much notice do you require if I wish to cancel my child's place?

One full calendar month.

How are fees calculated?

Fees are annualised.

How much notice do you require in order to permanently alter sessions?

One full calendar month.

How long will my child need to be absent from nursery if they are ill and do we have to pay?

Please see our exclusion policy.

What happens when my child is ready to move rooms?

Your child’s key carer will advise you when the time arises and when settling in sessions are due to commence to ease your child’s transition.

What food is provided for the children?

 Breakfast, lunch and a high tea are provided as well as a snack each day. We are part of the nursery milk scheme and your child will be offered 1/3 pint of milk each day they attend nursery.

What information should I expect to be given whilst my child is at nursery?

  • A daily diary will be prepared for you until your child is 2yrs 6months.
  • A parent’s evening report each term
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Consent letters outlining special activities/trips.

Do you have parents meetings?

Parents meetings are held termly should you wish to speak to anyone in the meantime please arrange a mutually convenient time.

How do I inform you if I have changed my contact details?

Please complete a change of details form.

How can I read you latest OFSTED report?

Please see the OFSTED link at the bottom of the website.

Why do I need to inform you where my child is going to pre school or school?

Transition into school is an important stage of your child’s life and we work in partnership with your child’s school to support this process including sharing of children’s learning journeys and we invite reception teachers into our setting to meet the children in a familiar environment.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

We accept most childcare vouchers, please note all vouchers must have your child’s unique reference number on them or they will remain unallocated to your account. Vouchers are part of your monthly fees and must be received by the 1st of the month or will be subject to a late payment charge.