food for thought

Our menus are carefully planned for all of our children, depending on their age. Nutritious, well balanced meals are prepared using fresh, locally sourced produce so only the best ingredients go into our food. Our menus ensure our children maintain their 5-a-day fruit and vegetable intake and water is freely available throughout the day. We review our menus regulary and children’s dietary requirements, like and dislikes are all taken into consideration.


We’ll follow a format that you’ve established at home and together we will help develop your child’s experience of different tastes and textures, moving to finger foods and weaning spoons with a strong emphasis on good table manners.
Our kitchens are rated as GOLD standard by Stratford Upon Avon Food Inspectors – which means our premises are classed as excellent for the purposes of hygiene, practices and management.
A typical menu can be downloaded here

Stratford upon Avon District Council Food Hygiene inspection GOLD AWARD 2008/2011