Children in Need

“The children at some of our Nurseries and Pre-Schools raised funds last week for Children in Need by holding a cake sale and wearing pyjamas, spots or yellow to nursery for the day. The children have enjoyed decorating the cakes and biscuits using lots of yummy treats. A BIG Thank you to everyone who donated cakes and made a donation.”

Manager Team

Hot Air Balloon!

“The Buds and Blooms children saw a Hot Air Balloon landing in the field next to the Nursery. They were very excited as they saw the balloon go up and down until it finally landed. They used lots of vocabulary to describe what was happening. Back at Nursery they made some collage balloons, using different materials and had a go at some Paper Mache to make some balloons to hang up. We then made a display in our room, with all the creative artwork”

Allie Aves


Blooms learn how to Recycle!

‘Jen from Stratford District Council recycling department came to talk to the Blooms children about recycling household waste. She told them about what needed to go in the different colour bins and what sort of materials they can recycle. She set up an interactive obstacle course and the children had to pick an object from the box and decide which bin to put the object into…. recycling (blue), general (grey) and food (green). She taught them a song about recycling and they all had a goody bag to go home with, it contained a ball, pencil, pad and keyring, with some leaflets about recycling.

This is the song the children learnt – which can be added to as needed!

“Recycling, recycling, recycling

Tin cans, bottles

Recycling, recycling, recycling

Cardboard….” (etc)

The children really enjoyed this and most of them knew a lot already about recycling from home. They sat and listened well, and followed all of Jen’s instructions. They all said “Thank you” and made her a picture with leaves.’

Allison Aves – Seedlings Manager

Buds and Blooms Update!

The Buds and Blooms at Seedlings have been doing lots of mark-making – outdoors and inside! They have used mud outside for painting, and have used the chalkboard on our new mud kitchen in the nature garden. The children also used some crayons for bark rubbings and mini watercolour paints to do some painting in the nature garden.

They have been talking in circle time about how they are all different and special, looking at a special book about ‘All Kinds Of People’ and drawing pictures of themselves for an ‘All About Me’ display board.

Exploring outside at Seedlings Nursery

‘Here are photos of some of our Blooms children (3+) this week. They have had lots of fun outside, firstly getting the vegetable patch ready for planting and then going to our Nature Garden.

The children sat in the log circle and they talked about the rules to keep everyone safe. They then chose what they wanted to do in Nature School. Some of the children tried balancing around the logs. Then the children made some mud pies and served them on plates for everyone’s dinner as they sat in the circle again. They also enjoyed hiding in the bushes and playing “One, two, three, where are you?” The children collected lots of ‘treasure’ that they found on the ground, including alder cones and shiny ivy leaves. At the end of the session the children talked about what they had enjoyed most and said, “This is the best day ever” and “I enjoyed exploring everything!”.’

Allison Aves – Nursery Manager

Snow Line Update!

Due to the current, unpredictable weather we ask parents to please call the Snow Line Number on Monday morning to see if your child’s nursery will be open.

If the phone rings when you call, please just stay on the line to hear the recorded message which will be updated by 6.30am on Monday morning.

Our Snow Phone Number is –

07544 766956

If the following schools are closed, our Pre-Schools on-site will also be closed-

Heathcote Primary School (Polkadot Heathcote)

The Willows Primary School (Gingham Pre-School)

Bishopton Primary School (Bunting Pre-School)

Information on school closures will also be available on Touch FM, their websites and on the Warwickshire County Council website

Denim Before and After school Club will be cancelled if the associated school is not opening.

If we close your child’s Nursery and you would like them to attend Polkadot in Stratford or Alcester (if open), please call us on the below numbers at 7.30am to see if this is possible.

Polkadot Stratford – 01789 290101

Polkadot Alcester – 01789 766565

Fundraising at Seedlings

‘Seedlings had great fun celebrating Children in Need last week. We dressed up in our pyjamas, decorated pictures of Pudsey bear, baked cakes and decorated them with spots and did some spotty finger painting. We also talked about where the money we collected would be going and why the children may need some help. Thank you so much for your donations, we managed to raise £50.25.’

Helena Waterworth – Nursery Manager

30hrs Funding – Reminder!

Please can we remind parents of 3 and 4 year olds wishing to apply for 30hrs funding that this needs to be done as soon as possible to receive your 30 hours eligibility code for January-March 2018.

The DfE are recommending that you should apply by the end of November to ensure that you get the code in good time for January. You may not get a code straight away as HMRC sometimes needs further information to check eligibility.

Please inform your child’s Nursery of your code as soon as you have it by emailing

If you already have an eligibility code this needs to be re-confirmed every 3 months and before the validity end date.

Childcare Choices Local Authority Toolkit

The DfE has produced a new parent communications toolkit to provide further information to parents about 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare.

This can be accessed at: