Polkadot Nurseries – Half Term Dates

We wanted to remind Parents that we will be closed to all Term Time Only children (this includes all children at Bunting Pre-School and Polkadot Bridgetown) week commencing 26th October for Half Term. We will be open again from Monday 2nd November.

Please see below a link to our 2020/21 Calendar for future reference.




Polkadot Nursery- Stratford upon Avon – Hello Autumn!

Well Autumn is finally here, with the darker nights, cosy evenings at home and the leaves changing to some beautiful Autumnal colours.

Last week, we celebrated National Forest School day! The children loved exploring the Nature Garden with lots of emptying and filling buckets with water, mud and bark.

Down in the Allotment the children found a snail and were very keen to observe and give the snail a ‘flower to smell’, they watched as it slowly made a trail across the flower bed.

Following this, we extended our outdoor learning to indoors, with painting using leaves and sensory activities such as a ‘touch and feel’ game with leaves and pine cones.

Just a reminder from staff at Polkadot- Please could you make sure you are bringing in an empty labelled water bottle daily for your child to use throughout the day. Thank you.

A busy week at Polkadot Stratford

We had a busy week last week at Polkadot Stratford! Top Dots have been getting involved and concentrating on building their own structures using mathematical language throughout this activity such as “more”, “less”, “bigger”, “taller”.

They have also been exploring the shaving foam using vehicles, chopsticks, and paintbrushes to create their own marks and tracks.

Babies and Dots2Tots have enjoyed lots of songtime outside including “Whats in the box?”, this has helped their social skills and encouraged taking turns.

There has been lots of laughter with all age groups when playing “Hide and Seek” using different types of fabric to hide behind! We then used the fabrics to dress up!

We do hope that everyone is keeping well and look forward to welcoming back more Polkadot children soon.

Just a reminder to parents to please bring an empty beaker for your child each day.


Green fingers at Polkadot Stratford

The children at Polkadot Stratford have been settling back in to nursery life and enjoying the everyday toys where they have been using their Gross Motor Skills to manoeuvre big vehicles outside as well as using their imagination to build their own train track and enjoying some hide and seek fun!!

It has been lovely to appreciate the sunshine outdoors, the staff and children have been busy planting as well as having some of their meals outside! The children have been enjoying the experience of planting in the gardens ready for the summer and have been using their senses to smell the different types of plants and flowers. They have all been really engaged and continued to learn about the after care as they show a ‘can do attitude’ by checking on them every day and watering them, we are all very excited to watch them grow.

Thank you to all our parents for your continued patience and support over this time.


Welcome back Polkadot Stratford!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well! It has been lovely to see a few regular faces back at Polkadot Nursery in Stratford this week as well as a couple of brand new faces.

The children have settled back in really well and enjoyed joining in with some familiar activities and have had lots of fun playing outside.

We are looking forward to seeing more of you all in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime take care and stay safe.




Welcome back!

A big Welcome back to all children attending Gingham Pre-School!

Over the past weeks the children from Gingham, Polkadot and The Bridge have enjoyed activities including Treasure Hunts in the garden-creating their own maps and hiding the ‘treasure’ in all sorts of places to discover. Children have been putting their physical development to good use in the Early Years Zone- climbing and taking appropriate risk. Forest school has continued to be a favourite area for many of the children, making the most of this lovely weather, spending lots of time in the outdoor environments. Some children enjoyed walks in the local community when attending our hub setting, where finding dandelions was a favourite task. Returning children have come with lots of lovely stories about their time at home, with some children bringing in photographs to share with their friends. We look forward to more of our friends joining us soon!

Welcome back

Polkadot Stratford – What have we been upto?

During March, Polkadot said goodbye to Laura who went on maternity leave, We wish Laura and her husband all the best.
We have celebrated World Book Day where the children came dressed up as a character of their choice and brought in a story to read with their friends and members of staff if they wished.
As part of ‘Parent Partnership’ we invited family members along during the day to read stories to groups of children. A big thank you to those people who came to read to them! The children loved getting involved and concentrated well, listening to the stories, it was an enjoyable experience for all.
Now, hopefully as Spring approaches, the sun will be shining so Polkadot are going to be very busy outdoors planting and playing on their new structure that is being built, watch this space….

Polkadot Stratford – Wishing Kerry a happy maternity leave!

On Friday the children at Polkadot said “good bye and good luck” to Kerry who is off on her maternity leave now to have a little baby girl.

Top Dots staff have been discussing with the children about Kerry having a baby in her tummy and how they could make her a card to give to her. The children chose crayons, glue and some wooden hearts to produce a card of their own which they gave to her alongside the staff spoiling the new baby with lots of gifts.

We wish Kerry all the best and look forward to meeting the new baby!