Dots to Tots Update!

‘Dots to Tots have been busy bees!

We have had great fun in the Allotment Garden, growing new vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins and runner beans!

Back indoors we have been exploring sand and shredded paper, enjoying making lots of mess! We have continued to to develop our early counting skills throughout play, at music time and whilst using our imaginations in role play.

Outside, our favourite activities have been playing on the Pirate Ship and the soft play, testing our gross motor skills.

We are loving getting outside in the sunshine!’

Rachel and Claire – Dots to Tots

Preparing for Spring – Polkadot Nursery Stratford upon Avon

The children in Dots to Tots have been busy filling and emptying over the last week. They’ve been using soil and plant pots getting ready to do some planting in the allotment. Both the children and the staff had lots of fun and got very messy in the soil using not only the tools but their hands to explore too! Over the next coming weeks we will be spending more time out in the allotment getting ready for spring by planting some flowers and bulbs so that we can watch them grow over the coming months.

Jessica King- Under Three’s Manager

Snow Line Update!

Due to the current, unpredictable weather we ask parents to please call the Snow Line Number on Monday morning to see if your child’s nursery will be open.

If the phone rings when you call, please just stay on the line to hear the recorded message which will be updated by 6.30am on Monday morning.

Our Snow Phone Number is –

07544 766956

If the following schools are closed, our Pre-Schools on-site will also be closed-

Heathcote Primary School (Polkadot Heathcote)

The Willows Primary School (Gingham Pre-School)

Bishopton Primary School (Bunting Pre-School)

Information on school closures will also be available on Touch FM, their websites and on the Warwickshire County Council website

Denim Before and After school Club will be cancelled if the associated school is not opening.

If we close your child’s Nursery and you would like them to attend Polkadot in Stratford or Alcester (if open), please call us on the below numbers at 7.30am to see if this is possible.

Polkadot Stratford – 01789 290101

Polkadot Alcester – 01789 766565

Getting in the Christmas spirit at Polkadot Stratford

“Polkadot Stratford had an exciting Christmas themed Parent and Family Join In Afternoon. The children and families enjoyed exploring a variety of activities such as the Winter animals in the mouldable foam, decorating biscuits, making reindeer food and decorating pictures. All the children had great fun investigating all the activities, getting very messy and in to the festive spirit. At the end of the afternoon, everyone joined together for a Christmas Sing Song in the outdoor area. Thank you to everyone that joined us. We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas from all the team at Polkadot.”

Snow Play!

“The children have had an exciting time playing in all the snow. They had a great time playing and having rides on the sledges, using the snow shovels to dig and even created their own snowman called ‘Winter’ named by the children. The children made snowballs and enjoyed making footprints in the snow.”

Lucy Stanley – Nursery Manager

Getting into the Christmas spirit at Polkadot Stratford

“The children at Polkadot Stratford have been getting into the Christmas spirit through a variety of activities. Baby Dots and Dots to Tots have had fun exploring the dressing up outfits, wearing the outfits and investigating the textures through their senses. Top Dots have been getting very messy, creating the nursery post box ready for this year’s Christmas post. Dots to Tots interests have surrounded sensory play, the children have had a great time using the winter animals in the shaving foam. They have also been listening to their story of the month “That’s Not My Reindeer”- which activities have been planned and developed around. The children have engaged in activities such as making and decorating snowmen.

Christmas Jumper Day will be held at nursery on Friday 15th December to support Save the Children and we will be holding our Christmas Parent and Family Join In on Tuesday 19th December from 4pm- all parents and family welcome.”

Lucy Stanley – Nursery Manager

Fundraising Update!

‘Polkadot Stratford and Gingham Pre-School have been busy raising funds for Children In Need. The children decorated cakes and biscuits for cake sales and held a Pyjama Day. The children participated in activities such as creating their own Pudsey ears and decorating Pudsey faces. We raised nearly £100!

Polkadot Stratford held a ‘Purple Day’ to raise awareness of World Prematurity Day. The children came to nursery wearing purple, held a cake sale and had a purple themed day with purple playdough and purple creative activities. Polkadot raised a total of £68. A great big Thank You to everyone that donated to both charities.’

Lucy Stanley – Nursery and Pre-School Manager

30hrs Funding – Reminder!

Please can we remind parents of 3 and 4 year olds wishing to apply for 30hrs funding that this needs to be done as soon as possible to receive your 30 hours eligibility code for January-March 2018.

The DfE are recommending that you should apply by the end of November to ensure that you get the code in good time for January. You may not get a code straight away as HMRC sometimes needs further information to check eligibility.

Please inform your child’s Nursery of your code as soon as you have it by emailing

If you already have an eligibility code this needs to be re-confirmed every 3 months and before the validity end date.

Childcare Choices Local Authority Toolkit

The DfE has produced a new parent communications toolkit to provide further information to parents about 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare.

This can be accessed at:

Thursday 16th and Friday 17th November – Polkadot Stratford

On Friday 17th November it’s Children in Need Day and also World Prematurity Day. So that we can help both of these amazing causes, Polkadot Stratford have decided to support World Prematurity Day on the Thursday and Children in Need on the Friday.

If your child attends Polkadot Nursery on the Thursday, we invite them to wear purple to show their support. Susan (Taylor’s Mummy) will be selling cakes in the main entrance. This is a charity very close to Susan and her families heart, so please do feel free to support the charity by buying a cake or making a donation.

If your child attends Polkadot Nursery on the Friday, we invite them to wear their favourite pyjamas and donate £1 to this worthy cause. We will be doing teddy themed activities throughout the day.

Our Halloween Join In Sessions – Stratford upon Avon

Please scroll through to see what our Stratford sites have been up to this week!

Gingham Pre-School

‘The Gingham children have had a Spooktacular time. We have made our very own Halloween decorations and put them up to make Gingham very spooky! The children have carved pumpkins, made witches potions, and jelly wiggly worm play exploring the different textures as they played. We played games such as pin the spider on the web which was lots of fun. The children had a great time dressing up as lots of different characters.

The children also enjoyed a walk to Morrisons where they went on a Halloween hunt around the shop. The children used their very own trolley and found lots of Halloween goodies such as great big pumpkins, a ‘ghost’ pumpkin, spooky decorations and of course Halloween chocolates.

Thank you to all the parents and families that came along to join in our Halloween afternoon. We had lots of fun and hope you did too.’

Niamh Timms – Deputy Manager.

Polkadot Nursery – Stratford upon Avon

‘On Thursday 26th October Polkadot Stratford had their join in afternoon, lots of parents joined us at nursery for some Halloween fun!

TopDots did pumpkin carving in their room, there was certainly lots of concentration going on with this activity as well as some Halloween colouring.                                        Dots to Tots had a very messy room focusing on sensory exploration, with ‘eyeball’ jelly and ‘slimy’ spaghetti!                                                                                                Baby Dots did a biscuit decorating activity using spooky gingerbread shapes, the children all really enjoyed this, especially eating them after!

Throughout these activities, the children learnt new skills helping to carve the pumpkins by using their manipulative skills as well as practising their hand-eye co-ordination. The children used lots of different senses in the messy play room, exploring lots of textures and smells.

Thank you to everyone who came!’

Rachel Hall – Assistant Manager