Autumn into Winter at Polkadot Alcester

We have been so busy over the last few months, exploring the changing seasons, taking part in fundraising dress up days and celebrating different festivals. We managed to raise over £70 for Children in Need with our Spots and Pyjama day and the Pre-school had great fun decorating the porch with their own version of Rangoli Patterns for Diwali. We have spent the last few weeks getting ready for Christmas, getting creative with lots of festive fun and exploring lots of the sensory aspects of this exciting time of year. As we head into our last days before the end of the year, all of the staff at Polkadot Alcester would like to thank our children, parents and families for all of their understanding and support during another unusual year. We appreciate that not everyone gets to take a break over the holidays so we hope you all manage to have some lovely family time over this festive period, and we wish you all the very best for the new year, see you all in 2022!

Pumpkin Growing at Polkadot Alcester!

Earlier this year, the Pre-school children were very interested in how things grow and amongst other seeds and vegetables, they decided to plant some pumpkins to see if we could grow our own for Halloween 2021! So, the Pre-school children sprinkled some compost onto trays and planted lots of pumpkin seeds. Under their watchful eyes, with lots of care and watering, they grew into tiny pumpkin seedlings! These seedlings were moved into plant pots and made their way outside to the greenhouse where they were treated to a spritz with the spray bottles every day and there they grew into pumpkin plants! When they were big enough, they travelled out to the porch for all of our Polkadot families to join in the growing fun, by taking a plant home and nurturing it, to see who could grow the biggest pumpkin. They went home with Baby Dots, Top Dots and Pre-school families. These are some of the progress photos that were sent in and one of the resulting pumpkins, that has been delivered to TopDots ready for some Halloween fun next week! If you took one of our pumpkin plants home and have any photos to share or even if you have been out pumpkin picking at one of the local farms, we would love to see your photos!


Merry Christmas from Polkadot Alcester

The team at Polkadot Nursery in Alcester would like to say a big Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2021 to all of our children and families! We have enjoyed all of the festivities in the run up to the Christmas break and hope the children have been proud to share all of their fab festive creations with you! Here are some photos of all the fun activities, crafts, bakes and experiences that have been on offer this half term…

What a busy time of year at Polkadot Alcester!

The children at Polkadot in Alcester have had a busy few weeks exploring all of the different celebrations and festivals that October and November bring! This week we are sharing our Remembrance Sunday, Children in Need and Diwali activities that children from Babies all the way up to Pre-school have enjoyed. There has been lots of mark making with pens, paint and chalks; decorating poppies, Pudsey bears and diwa lamps. The babies made edible poppies – covering apple slices in pink chocolate. TopDots experimented with paint dabbers, mixing the colours and making the paint splatter across the page! Pre-school used party rings to make Pudsey bear ears on their biscuits. They looked at beautiful rangoli patterns and recreated them by making marks in sand and flour and chalking colourful designs on the entrance slope to nursery. We also hung lights in our windows and explored the light box, talking about Diwali being known as the festival of light.

Bonfire Night at Polkadot Alcester

Whilst we may not have been able to wrap up in our cosy winter woollies and go out to enjoy crackling bonfires and exciting firework displays this year, the children have explored the magic of Bonfire night through fabulous firework paintings, chocolate apple decorating and (imaginary) marshmallow toasting whilst sitting around the (pretend) campfire! last week, the pre-school exercised their singing voices with songs around the fire and made their unique hedgehogs after talking about how these little animals love to get cosy in piles of wood and leaves at this time of year. They used potatoes and wooden craft sticks to create the spikes and some children decided to use paint to add features to their hedgehog. This helped them practise their fine motor skills and use of one handed tools as well as inspiring their creativity!

What have we been up to at Polkadot Alcester?

The children at Alcester have had a busy few weeks in the run up to half term, exploring the change in seasons and sharing their current interests with their friends – dinosaurs have been very popular in TopDots! The BabyDots have been using their senses to explore paint, sensory bags, crispy autumn leaves and slimy pumpkins! Pre-school have been surprised to find a small fairy door by the toadstool in the garden which inspired lots of imaginative play and ponderings about where it came from and who lives behind it! They have also been using their maths skills to sort and compare the nature objects. Over half term the children have taken part in a variety of activities in the run up to Halloween, including making spooky spiders, cheeky pumpkins and ghoulish ghosts! We are looking forward to welcoming all of the children back next week for lots more fun exploring Bonfire night, followed by celebrating Children in Need (w/c 9th Nov) by getting dressed up in our spottiest clothes!

Polkadot Alcester Pre-School – Look what we’ve been up to!

The pre-school children at Alcester have recently been exploring a type of freestyle painting that is also known as Literati painting, or in Chinese ‘Xie Yi’. The meaning of which is to ‘write an idea’; the Chinese painting technique of personal expression. They have also been working on a variety of other skills across the Early Years Foundation Stage, using the indoor and outdoor environments.