Polkadot Pershore – Looking back at what we got up to in March!

At Pershore, in March we have used all of our senses to explore and celebrate the world around us.

Under 2’s have used oats to fill up and empty containers, practicing hand-eye coordination, playing with playdough, flour and cornflakes creating different textures, painting with shaving foam and compost digging. For little hands who are unsure of touching paint , we used zip-lock bags filled with paint, real fruit and vegetable juice. The children have also been using kind words and hands when “looking after our baby dolls”.

A big thank you to all parents that provided us with lovely family photos for our new display.

Over 2’s have had a great time painting hard boiled eggs, decorating their own marbled egg, as well as having “meaningful” conversation with Bunny rabbit in anticipation of Easter. Chocolate playdough has been very popular, as you can imagine and we even manged to have a morning picnic outdoors!

A busy month at Polkadot Pershore

The main topic of February has been to promote kindness around us. Decorating our tree with different size heart shapes, collaborating on various activities, talking about our differences and what makes us unique “just like Elmer” the children would say. We talked about emotions, what makes us happy, sad, unsure, scared and children have made their own paper characters experiencing different emotions.

We have been experimenting with floating and sinking by building boats and different structures using card boxes, bricks, blocks and playdough. The children used different toy figures, or ones they had made, to go in the boats that they had built.

Older children have celebrated the Chinese New Year by trying different foods and flavours, while younger children used textured and messy play. All culminated with a very Happy Birthday celebration at the end of the month when dancing, singing and bubble play took centre stage.

Polkadot Pershore – A chilly, busy January!

In January we have been busy talking about birds.

Younger children were reading related stories, looking at different textures and colours and decorating birds collages. Instead of snow, babies have also explored playing with ice and shaving foam.

Older children have been building climbing structures in the snow and talked about the different prints we can make in the snow. We have been also digging for worms in the garden, as we learned birds like to eat them and made birds feeders by mixing lard and oats.

A big thank you to all parents who got involved in observing the birds in their own garden, as part of the Big Bird Watch- RSPB 2021.

Polkadot Pershore – Our gifts to Austin Court Care Home

Dear Parents, family & friends,

We at Polkadot Pershore decided during the festive season that it would be nice for
the children to make something rather special for the residents at Austin Court Care
Home in Evesham.
The staff and children worked together and came up with an array of special
Christmas snowflakes, which each child played an active part in making.

As you can see from the pictures the results are spectacular, and the residents were
absolutely over the moon when one of Santa’s elves delivered them.
It is always lovely to work in collaboration with differing settings within the wider
community and it is something that we as a nursery hope to do more of in the future.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

From all the staff & children at Polkadot Pershore.


November at Polkadot Pershore!

November has been another busy month for children at Pershore nursery.

We have all been creating individual art master pieces , celebrating Bonfire and Remembrance day, alongside beautiful stories explaining and recognising various emotions. Some of us even had a go at re-enacting some of them.

In small groups we took part in using and naming different shapes, supported by creating our own shapes using playdough; mixing different coloured jelly and identifying the colours in the surrounding environment has been another favourite activity, along side creating beautiful rangoli patterns by sticking coloured rice for Diwali celebrations.

Autumn Time at Polkadot Pershore

Playing, exploring and making sense of Autumn at Pershore


Have a look at the fabulous time children and staff alike have had in October.


We have welcomed new children and families, went for autumn treasure hunts and celebrated harvest by exploring lots of new fruits and vegetables.  Playdough shapes making, water play, music making, dancing, drawing would also be worth mentioning.


A real feast for our senses by trying new textures, flavours, sounds, words, stories and songs.

Big thank you to all parents for sharing with us those beautiful, positive thoughts engraved on the Pumpkin.


“The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky.

Margaret McMillan (nursery school pioneer)



Polkadot Nurseries – Half Term Dates

We wanted to remind Parents that we will be closed to all Term Time Only children (this includes all children at Bunting Pre-School and Polkadot Bridgetown) week commencing 26th October for Half Term. We will be open again from Monday 2nd November.

Please see below a link to our 2020/21 Calendar for future reference.