Outside Fun at Polkadot Heathcote

We have being making the most of the lovely warm weather at Heathcote Pre-School. The children have really enjoyed planting flowers, herbs, tomatoes and vegetables. The children have been going out every morning and checking on their plants growth and also watering them.

We have been doing our own puppet shows and the children have found it so funny! They changed their voices for the different characters.

Our new water tray has been very popular with all the children. We have been looking at different objects, seeing and predicting whether they sink or float. The children have been transporting the water to the mud kitchen and sand to give a desired texture so they could mould them.

The children learnt hopscotch and did so well. They counted the numbers when they landed on them and were able to recognise the numbers by the end of the activity.

This week Pam bought in some logs and the children have had so much fun playing and creating games with them. They made their own obstacle course by rolling the logs to where they wanted them placed. They also created the Stick Mans family by stacking the logs up to make different sized Stick People!


Polkadot Heathcote – What have we been up to?

The children at Polkadot Heathcote have been very busy the past couple of weeks! They are really interested in exploring and using media and materials. They’ve had lots of fun mixing paint and mud together, describing the different textures. They also used the paper provided to paint and mark make, using lots of different mark making tools and their hands.

We have had lots of fun decorating balloons for our new birthday board. The children were able to show great listening and attention and understand the outcome of the activity. The children worked in pairs and communicated with one another, using talk to connect ideas, being aware of own feelings and being able to accept the needs of others too.

The children enjoy making arrangements with shapes as well as being able to show awareness of shapes in the environment.

The children were SO excited when they planted grass seeds in a tub with soil as we begin creating our zoo. At first the children were struggling with the concept of growth over time and would ask “is the grass ready yet” every few minutes. Eventually when they have now seen the grass has grown slowly and a little bit daily they are showing a lot more understanding and only ask first thing in the morning “how much has the grass grown”.

The children have been finding all sorts of mini-beasts in the last couple of weeks with the nice warm weather and have shown lots of curiosity. We are going to be looking at making our own mini-beast hotel and go on mini-beast hunts over the next few weeks. Watch this space for updates on how we get on!


Ball skills at Polkadot Heathcote

Every Thursday at Polkadot Heathcote Danny from DF Sports Coaching has started to come and teach us ball skills, we listened well to the instructions that he gave us as we joined in.

We enjoyed learning new ways to kick and control our footballs, we played fun games to help us learn. We learnt the Buzz Lightyear pose, and how to use our shoulders as mirrors to move backwards.

To support our number and colour recognition Danny held up different coloured hoops which we had to name. Then we got the parachute out and played a number/colour game.

We also practised jumping over hurdles, moving around the cones and jumping in and out of the hoops.

Karly Fowler – Deputy Pre-School Manager

Polkadot Heathcote – Parent’s join in Yoga Bugs!

The children had a lovely time joining in with yoga bugs, going on an adventure. The story which lead us to our adventure was “ We’re going on a bear hunt”, we went through the grass, river, forest, snowstorm and into the cave where we met a big bear who wanted to be our friend.

Some family members joined us for our adventure, we showed them how to join in with the moves. It was so much fun to share our yoga bugs session with them!

Polkadot Heathcote’s Easter Competition

Well done to everyone who took part in our competition!! There were some wonderful, creative ideas . Nikki the school cook kindly came and judged our eggs, she picked 1st 2nd and 3rd place……

The results are in……


1st place goes to…….Harry for his box creations – especially the one of his Grandad!


2nd places goes to….. Abigail for her sparkly cat and ladybird


3rd places goes to….. Lyla for her entry of the Easter egg hunt in a spring garden. (unfortunately we haven’t managed to get a photo of Lyla as she is on holiday)


Happy Easter to everyone and have a lovely break!  Enjoy the chocolates!


Mandy, Karly and Emma – The Heathcote Team



Polkadot Heathcote – Dates for the Diary!

YogaBugs Join In Session

The Heathcote Team would like to invite all our families to join us for a YogaBugs Session on Monday 16th April.

The children really enjoy the YogaBugs sessions and we are sure you will too.  It will give you a fantastic opportunity to see what the children are doing.

YogaBugs classes bring stories to life through specially developed moves inspired by yoga. Combining fun with exercise, children go on wild adventures where they may roar like a lion, fly like a bird or blast into outer space!

We hope you will all join in and allow your inner child to be free!

The  YogaBugs Sessions starts at 9.30 – 10.20.  You are welcome to join us from 9.00 am.


We will be holding an Easter Egg Competition on Thursday 29th March 2018.

If your child would like to decorate a boiled egg please bring them into Nursery on Thursday 29th March.

You can google some fantastic ideas or let your child’s imagination run wild.

Have fun!

The Heathcote Team