Exploring and Learning at Gingham Pre-School

‘The children at Gingham have been using their investigatory skills when exploring forest school. They discovered and observed lots of insects in many different places. The children used the mud kitchen to make a wide variety of imaginative creations such as honey pots and coffee shops- serving each other and discussing how much items cost. When playing on the big playground the children used their mathematical skills to measure and compare heights, looking at taller and smaller. During Ball Skills with Danny, the children developed their balancing and jumping as well as playing the ‘Find the Fish’ game which is very popular, the children love searching for the fish hidden under the cones! The children have also shown interest in colour mixing as well as working together to build and balance in the outdoor areas.’

Lucy Stanley – Pre-School Manager

Easter Fun at Gingham Pre-School

“The children at Gingham have been very excited to care for the chicks.  The children have had the opportunity to touch and hold the chicks and have loved observing how the chicks have grown over the past week. The children have been getting ready for Easter by participating in a little Easter Bonnet competition, bringing in some amazing bonnets and creations. The children have explored their fine motor skills through a tweezer, pom pom and egg activity- transporting pom poms into eggs- and learning about quantity and size.”

Our little Easter Chicks!

“The children at Gingham Pre-School have been so excited about caring for chicks. The children have been closely watching the eggs and even got to watch a chick hatch from it’s egg! The children have been busy observing the chicks on a daily basis, noticing changes in their features. The children have helped to make the chicks brooder box nice and cosy ready for the chicks to be moved into, preparing the chicks bed and food.”

Lucy Stanley – Pre-School Manager

Snow Line Update!

Due to the current, unpredictable weather we ask parents to please call the Snow Line Number on Monday morning to see if your child’s nursery will be open.

If the phone rings when you call, please just stay on the line to hear the recorded message which will be updated by 6.30am on Monday morning.

Our Snow Phone Number is –

07544 766956

If the following schools are closed, our Pre-Schools on-site will also be closed-

Heathcote Primary School (Polkadot Heathcote)

The Willows Primary School (Gingham Pre-School)

Bishopton Primary School (Bunting Pre-School)

Information on school closures will also be available on Touch FM, their websites and on the Warwickshire County Council website  https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/schoolclosures

Denim Before and After school Club will be cancelled if the associated school is not opening.

If we close your child’s Nursery and you would like them to attend Polkadot in Stratford or Alcester (if open), please call us on the below numbers at 7.30am to see if this is possible.

Polkadot Stratford – 01789 290101

Polkadot Alcester – 01789 766565

What’s been happening at Gingham Pre-School?

“Gingham children have had a very busy half term week. During the week the children went for a forest school day at Bunting Pre-School, held a Parent Join in session and had a walk to the library. The children and families enjoyed a Chinese New Year themed day, the children took part in food tasting in the morning and lots of fun activities with their parents in the afternoon. Activities included noodle play, noodle painting, making fans and red and gold sparkly playdough.

During our day at Bunting the children had a great time in the forest school. The children collected twigs and branches that had fallen and used their imagination to create a “Fish Finger Shop”.

The children investigated the area, using tools to dig and look for bugs. The children collected some sticks from forest school to later use to create marks and movements on their paper using paint. The children loved exploring and playing with all the different toys too.

On Friday the children went on a walk to the library in the town centre. The children spent time looking at and sharing books with each other. They then chose a selection of books to take back to Gingham to share with everyone over the coming weeks.

At Gingham the children have also enjoyed investigating the new wall blackboard as well as the snow and ice, finding ice in the outdoor area and using tools to break and build with the ice.”

Lucy Stanley

Pre-School Manager

A busy January at Gingham Pre-School!

“ The children at Gingham Pre-School have been very busy! They have really enjoyed accessing the ‘big’ playground, using the bikes, scooters and ride on’s to develop their skills such as pedalling.

Danny has been teaching the children colour matching games during Ball Skills sessions, such as balancing bean bags and grouping colours into hoops, the children worked really well together to match the bean bags in the correct hoops.

The children have been developing their fine motor skills through activities including the threading boards- making pictures and patterns using the special pens and strings. The Funky Fingers activities are proving to be very popular, the children have especially shown interest in spaghetti cutting – developing their scissor skills.

Burn’s Night was explored too, the children created their own Scottish Flags, using colours for a purpose and exploring colour mixing looking at dark and light colour change”

Lucy Stanley – Gingham Pre-School Manager

Christmas Time at Gingham Pre-School

“The children at Gingham Pre-School have been celebrating the festive season. They have participated in Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children and have had party days, having fun dressing up as Christmas characters and participating in a variety of fun activities such as decorating chocolate tea cakes to make our own ‘Christmas Puddings’. The children have loved playing in the mouldable foam play, making snowmen and lots of other creations. The children have made Father Christmas’ reindeer some yummy food too! Pass the parcel was fun and it was exciting to see what was under each wrapper. The children have been showing us their excellent dance moves, playing games such as musical statues, bumps and chairs.

We would like to wish all the children and families a very Merry Christmas from the team at Gingham.”

Fundraising Update!

‘Polkadot Stratford and Gingham Pre-School have been busy raising funds for Children In Need. The children decorated cakes and biscuits for cake sales and held a Pyjama Day. The children participated in activities such as creating their own Pudsey ears and decorating Pudsey faces. We raised nearly £100!

Polkadot Stratford held a ‘Purple Day’ to raise awareness of World Prematurity Day. The children came to nursery wearing purple, held a cake sale and had a purple themed day with purple playdough and purple creative activities. Polkadot raised a total of £68. A great big Thank You to everyone that donated to both charities.’

Lucy Stanley – Nursery and Pre-School Manager

Gingham’s New Climbing Frame

‘The children at Gingham Pre-School have been really enjoying using their physical gross motor skills to explore the new climbing frame, slide and swings. The children worked together to help each other climb and swing.  They reflected on their experiences of going to the park and couldn’t wait to tell their parents about the fun they had had. The children also enjoyed using the Muddy Kitchen and collected lots of natural resources such as Autumn leaves to create lots of mixtures and ‘cakes’.’

Lucy Stanley – Pre-School Manager