Gingham Pre-School Out and About…..

The children at Gingham enjoyed a walk in the local community this week. We discussed safety before we went on our walk and what we thought we might see. Along our walk we stopped off at the park and enjoyed using our climbing and balancing skills on the climbing frame and slide. As we continued our walk, we noticed blackberries growing in the bushes- we discussed how we knew if the berries were ready “they need to be nice and black, ready to eat, not the red ones, they are not ready yet!”. This also led on to learning about the dangers of berries, children had a good awareness of this- “they might be poisonous”. During our walk we used our mathematical knowledge to discuss sizes of vehicles as well as counting the cars we saw. We explored our literacy skills by identifying letters we saw on street signs, using our fingers to trace around and along the letters. We also noticed ‘for sale’ signs along our route too.


Party Time at Gingham Pre School!

To celebrate our wonderful children leaving to start primary school this year, we held a school leavers party at Gingham. During the party we played musical statues, pass the parcel, had a pirate treasure hunt, as well as enjoying an ice cream treat. On the way home, all the children loved searching for a little present in our lucky dip! We wish all the children and their families the best of luck for the future!


Busy Bees at Gingham Pre-School

The children at Gingham Pre-School have been very inquisitive, learning all about mini beasts, but Bees in particular. The children have been planting up their own Bee Meadow using wildflower seeds in forest school and in the planters in our outdoor environments too, we are hoping the bees will visit the flowers when they have grown “to collect their pollen”. Children have taken on the responsibility of looking after the seeds, watering them, and watching them grow, observing the changes day to day.  To enhance the children’s learning, we have used resources such as factual books, Mini beast bingo and stories about mini beasts. One of our friends brought in two bee nests for us to observe too from their garden after the bees had finished with them, one even had a small honeycomb inside!

Gingham Pre-School – Our walk in the community

The children had a lovely walk in the community during half term. They had a visit to the Esquires Coffee Shop next to the train station for a yummy cookie and baby chino followed by a walk to the train station to see the trains coming in and out of the station. On the way there and back the children noticed and observed lots of features in the community, looking at signs and illustrations in the pavement as they went. The children showed excellent road safety skills holding hands and walking beautifully with their teachers Gemma and Imogen. If you would like to see more photos of the trip, please ask a member of the team.

Having fun outside at Gingham Pre-School

Recently at Gingham the children have been embracing their new outdoor play equipment. The free-flowing area has been enhanced to include amazing climbing opportunities- the children have especially loved the climbing tunnels- “Climbing up and down is so fun”, “I love this climbing frame” and “ I like sliding down so fast!”. The children have enjoyed the challenges of the new equipment, negotiating how to use and accomplish the route around the equipment. Children have supported each other in embracing the challenge. Children have used the new digging planters to investigate and become involved in treasure hunts! We have explored our mark making skills using the new easels, using pens to create on the white board and paint on the transparent board- the children love this concept. As well as exploring in all weathers, the children have engaged and learnt all about growth- children have started to plant runner beans and sunflowers-to watch growth and change, as well as caring for their plants to grow. This activity has proven very supportive of children’s mathematical development looking at size.

Easter Fun at Gingham Pre-School!

“The children at Gingham Pre-School have been learning all about Easter and Spring time. The children have engaged in a variety of activities leading on from their interests. Activities include planting beans, ready to care for them and observe their growth and change. The children have been busy investigating Easter through activities such as Easter pasta play, filling eggs to create sounds and shakers, exploring how sounds changes. Using potato mashers to create Easter egg prints has been popular, the children were able to recognise patterns and explore colour change and mixing. The children created their own Easter cards for their families, using the fork painting method to accomplish this. For snack the children enjoyed hot cross buns before adventuring to forest school for their Easter egg hunt!”

Look what we’ve been up to at Gingham Pre-School….

Children at Gingham Pre-School have been so busy. We have celebrated Chinese New Year through food tasting- eating prawn crackers and spring rolls. We also had a great time creating our ‘own stir fry’ in the tuff spot, using a variety of items and tools to chop, mix and serve. We created our own Chinese Drums too.

To help the birds get all their yummy food, we made some bird feeders using cereal and blueberries, we hung them in the garden area and have enjoyed watching the birds coming to eat them up! We also took some home to put in our own gardens and outdoor spaces.

During the cold weather we explored forest school, searching for and investigating the ice. We also came across lots of snails, which was very interesting- they were all different sizes!

One of the Mummy’s very kindly brought us some daffodils, we enjoyed watching them grow from their buds to beautiful yellow trumpets and showed interest in mark making by drawing them.

We had a lovely time on Shrove Tuesday, we enjoyed pancakes for snack with a selection of toppings and used our imagination to create our own pancakes in the role play area with mixed ingredients.

National Story Telling Week at Gingham Pre School

‘This week Gingham Pre School have had a very busy week celebrating National Story Telling Week!

Choosing our favourite stories the children used their creative skills to create their own ‘Supertato’, talking about their super skills and powers!

We have visited forest school to look at all shapes and sizes of sticks, using mathematical language of size. Back in the classroom we constructed our very own Stick Men and Stick Ladies. The children then incorporated them into their small world play, they were very proud of their wonderful designs.

A firm favourite story is the Hungry Caterpillar, we created collages of the caterpillar and talked about eating healthy foods and the changes between caterpillars and butterflies.

All of these stories have enhanced the children’s interest, attention, listening and recall skills’

A Snowy Start at Gingham Pre-School

The children have especially enjoyed the snowy weather at Gingham. We wrapped up warm and explored the snow in our play areas. The children shared their home experiences about making snowmen and snow balls! Children used a variety of resources to explore, engage and investigate the properties of the snow. Children explored the ice, setting themselves the challenge of releasing objects that had frozen. Using their Sustained Shared Thinking skills they overcame the frozen problem- extending their ideas ‘let’s get a spade and try that’. Once inside and warmed up, the children enjoyed some snow themed stories during group time.

As well as the snowy start to the week, the children have been learning about Scotland’s Burn’s Night, by looking at poems and traditional Scottish tartan patterns, the children then attempted to recreate their own using colours for a purpose.

Australia Day was also recognised on Tuesday, the children made their own Fairy Bread to take home and share with their families- which is an Australian tradition during celebrations, some children chose to observe the Australian flag, later creating their own using mixed materials. What a wonderful start to the week!

Christmas Time at Gingham Pre-School

The children and practitioners at Gingham have been in the festive spirit. The children have had so much fun and shown such excitement. Christmas parties have taken place, including pass the parcel and lots of musical games. The children created their own marshmallow snowmen to take home and enjoy. All children created their own Christmas folders to take home, making special baubles, calendars and Christmas cards to share with their families. The children made some reindeer food for Father Christmas’ reindeers ready for Christmas eve and yummy hot chocolate cones to take home and enjoy as a treat. We held our Christmas Jumper Day to raise funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and enjoyed a Christmas lunch too.

Flour and shaving foam play has been brilliant, the children used their imaginations to use these resources as snow, using the small world resources to influence and extend this play.

We have extended our literacy skills through a range of Christmas stories, sharing together during the day.

Investigation on the cold mornings by looking for and finding ice in forest school was exciting, enhancing our learning and knowledge of the seasons.

We made our own Christmas tree and baubles, taking turns to place these on the tree to decorate.

We hope everyone has loved the Christmas creations as much as we have creating them. We wish all our families and children a very Happy Christmas and very best wishes for the New Year!