Chinese New Year at Bunting Pre-School

‘The children had great fun exploring Chinese food using their taste and smell senses. As part of our Chinese New Year celebrations we decorated the nursery with lanterns and read a story explaining the importance of them.  We used chopsticks to paint pictures and explored different textures by messy play with noodles.’

Netta Hill – Pre-School Manager


Learning about Burns Day at Bunting Pre-School

“The children at Bunting celebrated Burns Day by making Scottish flags, trying Scottish shortbread and doing Highland dancing to Scottish music. The children were informed all about Robert Burns and that the  25th January was his birthday and how the Scottish people celebrate it. The children enjoyed listening to the music and participating in the dancing.”

Netta Hill – Bunting Pre-School Manager

Bunting Pre School Summer Party


We all had great fun at our summer party, playing outdoors with the water, playing party games and making sand bottles. To finish off we had a yummy picnic in the garden! Thank you to all the parents who came and helped out and for our lovely presents.

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Our little trip!

A group of children from Gingham Pre School went on a little adventure on the mini bus to Bunting Pre School on Tuesday.  They had a play outside on the swings, slides, aeroplane and pirate ship and then explored the amazing forest school area, they loved hiding the dinosaurs and mini beasts!

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