A busy month at Polkadot Pershore

The main topic of February has been to promote kindness around us. Decorating our tree with different size heart shapes, collaborating on various activities, talking about our differences and what makes us unique “just like Elmer” the children would say. We talked about emotions, what makes us happy, sad, unsure, scared and children have made their own paper characters experiencing different emotions.

We have been experimenting with floating and sinking by building boats and different structures using card boxes, bricks, blocks and playdough. The children used different toy figures, or ones they had made, to go in the boats that they had built.

Older children have celebrated the Chinese New Year by trying different foods and flavours, while younger children used textured and messy play. All culminated with a very Happy Birthday celebration at the end of the month when dancing, singing and bubble play took centre stage.

Look what we’ve been up to at Gingham Pre-School….

Children at Gingham Pre-School have been so busy. We have celebrated Chinese New Year through food tasting- eating prawn crackers and spring rolls. We also had a great time creating our ‘own stir fry’ in the tuff spot, using a variety of items and tools to chop, mix and serve. We created our own Chinese Drums too.

To help the birds get all their yummy food, we made some bird feeders using cereal and blueberries, we hung them in the garden area and have enjoyed watching the birds coming to eat them up! We also took some home to put in our own gardens and outdoor spaces.

During the cold weather we explored forest school, searching for and investigating the ice. We also came across lots of snails, which was very interesting- they were all different sizes!

One of the Mummy’s very kindly brought us some daffodils, we enjoyed watching them grow from their buds to beautiful yellow trumpets and showed interest in mark making by drawing them.

We had a lovely time on Shrove Tuesday, we enjoyed pancakes for snack with a selection of toppings and used our imagination to create our own pancakes in the role play area with mixed ingredients.

National Story Telling Week at Gingham Pre School

‘This week Gingham Pre School have had a very busy week celebrating National Story Telling Week!

Choosing our favourite stories the children used their creative skills to create their own ‘Supertato’, talking about their super skills and powers!

We have visited forest school to look at all shapes and sizes of sticks, using mathematical language of size. Back in the classroom we constructed our very own Stick Men and Stick Ladies. The children then incorporated them into their small world play, they were very proud of their wonderful designs.

A firm favourite story is the Hungry Caterpillar, we created collages of the caterpillar and talked about eating healthy foods and the changes between caterpillars and butterflies.

All of these stories have enhanced the children’s interest, attention, listening and recall skills’

Bird Watching at Seedlings Nursery

At Seedlings we are very lucky to be surrounded by lots of open space where we can explore the natural environment and wildlife. Over the past few weeks, the children in the Buds Room (Our 2 year olds) have taken great interest in the birds that visit our garden. The Buds have a lovely room with floor to ceiling windows that look out onto their large garden. We have been making a variety of food to hang outside for the birds to eat. Using their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination the Buds threaded Cheerios onto tinsel stems (pipe cleaners) to make food hangers. We hung sliced apples in the trees and made food balls using bread, water and bird seed. The children used their hands to mould and shape the ingredients into small balls.

The Buds children get very excited putting the food out and will watch from the window for the birds to come eat the food, often shouting; “The birds are eating the food!” The children are now able to identify some of the birds. “Look a Robin” – Rosie.

“it’s a Magpie Katie” – Theo.

“I can see a Blackbird” – Suki.

We have seen Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Blackbirds, Magpies, Wood pigeons, Great Tits and our favourite being the Robin. We also have a cheeky squirrel that comes to eat the food too!

The Robins are very friendly and come close to us when we play outside. They even came and ate food from a bowl Katie was holding!


We talk daily about the birds we see and have access to bird and Nature books which the children love looking at.


Links to the EYFS;


  • Seeks out others to share experiences out with
  • Enjoys responsibility of carrying out small tasks
  • Uses simple sentences
  • Learns new words rapidly and is able to use them in communicating
  • Shows care and concern for living things and the environment
  • Talks about some of the things they have observed
  • Beginning to be interested and describe the texture of thing

Polkadot Pershore – A chilly, busy January!

In January we have been busy talking about birds.

Younger children were reading related stories, looking at different textures and colours and decorating birds collages. Instead of snow, babies have also explored playing with ice and shaving foam.

Older children have been building climbing structures in the snow and talked about the different prints we can make in the snow. We have been also digging for worms in the garden, as we learned birds like to eat them and made birds feeders by mixing lard and oats.

A big thank you to all parents who got involved in observing the birds in their own garden, as part of the Big Bird Watch- RSPB 2021.

Polkadot Heathcote – ‘Let it Snow!’

We have been so excited to see snow this January, we couldn’t resist going outside and having a snowball fight. The children did show some good listening skills as we asked them not to throw the snowballs in their friends faces. It was so lovely to see the interactions between the children, they were laughing a lot together. They also decided to team up against Shannon, Chloe, Bev and Annie, throwing lots of snowballs our way. They all chose their own ways of exploring the snow. The children showed some strong fine and gross motor skills, as they used both hands to collect snow in order to make a snowball. They explored the different areas that the snow had fallen in order to collect snow. They even experimented with mark making in the snow.

“We had some great discussions, describing what snow is like and the children used words and phrases like ‘cold’, ‘soft’, ‘freezing’ and ‘not sticking together’. We also talked about the importance of coats, hats and gloves in cold weather. The children were very good at ensuring they had their coats, hats and gloves on after our talk. Staff and children all had a great time in the snow. “

What have we been up to at Seedlings Nursery….?

Last week Blooms were very excited to be able to visit the diggers next to the Nursery. The construction workers kindly met us to show us their diggers and did a digger dance for us! The children loved it!

We walked across the field to the bottom and stood safely behind the wooden fence and large metal fences. The construction workers flashed the lights, beeped the horn and did the digger dance, spinning their diggers around, moving from side to side and going up and down. The children were all so happy waving and shouting hello and watching them. We made them a card to say thank you. When we got back to Pre- School the children said “ This is the best day ever! I loved the digger dance”.

We have also enjoyed the cold weather and have had lots of fun in the snow playing in the garden making snow angels and throwing snowballs at each other. We brought some trays of snow inside to explore. On one tray we just had snow and with their hands the children made little snow people and one child made an igloo and got some of the little people and added it to their play using their imagination. On another tray we added powder paint to the snow – yellow and red. The children experimented with the snow using paintbrushes to mix the colours together and were pleased to make new colours – orange and pink.The children used lots of describing words during their play such as Crunchy, crunching, frozen, frosty, cold and wet.

We made some ice decorations by collecting sticks, leaves and other natural materials and placing them into containers. We then added water and string. We had checked the weather forecast to make sure we were going to have minus degrees over the weekend so our decorations would freeze. When we came into Pre-school on the Monday we were excited to check on our ice decorations. We brought them into the room and the children were really excited and happy because the water was no longer water is was now ice. It had frozen solid. We carefully took the ice out of the containers and took them into the nature garden. We looked at our ice decorations as they were glistening in the sun. One of the children said “They were beautiful and wanted to make them at home”

Another child said “Why is it melting?” as water was starting to drip from it. I asked the question to everyone and the children said “Because the sun was out it’s getting hot and it’s melting”.
We hung the ice decorations in the tree and checked them throughout the day, the children even looked out through the  window and door to watch them glistening in the light.

A Snowy Start at Gingham Pre-School

The children have especially enjoyed the snowy weather at Gingham. We wrapped up warm and explored the snow in our play areas. The children shared their home experiences about making snowmen and snow balls! Children used a variety of resources to explore, engage and investigate the properties of the snow. Children explored the ice, setting themselves the challenge of releasing objects that had frozen. Using their Sustained Shared Thinking skills they overcame the frozen problem- extending their ideas ‘let’s get a spade and try that’. Once inside and warmed up, the children enjoyed some snow themed stories during group time.

As well as the snowy start to the week, the children have been learning about Scotland’s Burn’s Night, by looking at poems and traditional Scottish tartan patterns, the children then attempted to recreate their own using colours for a purpose.

Australia Day was also recognised on Tuesday, the children made their own Fairy Bread to take home and share with their families- which is an Australian tradition during celebrations, some children chose to observe the Australian flag, later creating their own using mixed materials. What a wonderful start to the week!

A Big Thank You to our Seedlings Parents and Staff….

We would like to thank our Parents at Seedlings who helped us collect together some Christmas Gift Bags for the WWCC (Wellesbourne & Walton Community Cares). We received the lovely email below from them –

On behalf of the residents in Wellesbourne and Walton, we would like to pass on a massive thank you to everyone who was involved with the Christmas Gift Bag initiative in December.

We received over 220 gift bags, 39 from Seedlings Nursery, which were distributed to local people who were facing a difficult Christmas.

The response on doorsteps, and from the many thank you cards and letters which we have received, has been heart-warming. We wanted to share with you some of the comments we have received in letters and cards;


“Thank you so much for the super Christmas hamper in a gift bag, I did so much enjoy receiving the treats”


“I would like to say a great big thank you for the wonderful goodies you gave to me, it was a fabulous surprise”


“Thank you very much for the Christmas gift bag, and the addition of the TV times was most welcome!”


“I was visited today by someone who I hadn’t seen before, but the voice sounded familiar, it was my friend who picks up the phone for a chat (telephone befriender). For someone like me, living on my own after losing my husband of over 50 years, it’s a few minutes of comfort that someone cares. Today he delivered a ‘hamper’ – what a glorious feast! Thank you to all the organisers, the people who donated the goodies and of course those who deliver”.


“Thank you so much for the surprise I received, I thoroughly enjoyed going through the goodies, it really made my day, as up till then it had been an awful day”.


“A big thank you to all at Wellesbourne Cares, what a lovely surprise when I opened my door to a lovely lady with a big smile on her face and a gift bag full of goodies. An angel is disguise! I’m not going to be alone at Christmas as there are 200 lovely volunteers. Best wishes to you all.”


“Thank you so much for the gift bag. It means a lot. Thank you for caring.”


“I received a gift bag and it made my Christmas! Thank you.”


“Thank you very much for the wonderful Christmas gift bag which I received, I would be very grateful if you could convey my thanks to Seedlings Day nursery for their very sweet Christmas card”

Merry Christmas from Polkadot Alcester

The team at Polkadot Nursery in Alcester would like to say a big Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2021 to all of our children and families! We have enjoyed all of the festivities in the run up to the Christmas break and hope the children have been proud to share all of their fab festive creations with you! Here are some photos of all the fun activities, crafts, bakes and experiences that have been on offer this half term…