A busy January at Gingham Pre-School!

“ The children at Gingham Pre-School have been very busy! They have really enjoyed accessing the ‘big’ playground, using the bikes, scooters and ride on’s to develop their skills such as pedalling.

Danny has been teaching the children colour matching games during Ball Skills sessions, such as balancing bean bags and grouping colours into hoops, the children worked really well together to match the bean bags in the correct hoops.

The children have been developing their fine motor skills through activities including the threading boards- making pictures and patterns using the special pens and strings. The Funky Fingers activities are proving to be very popular, the children have especially shown interest in spaghetti cutting – developing their scissor skills.

Burn’s Night was explored too, the children created their own Scottish Flags, using colours for a purpose and exploring colour mixing looking at dark and light colour change”

Lucy Stanley – Gingham Pre-School Manager

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