What have we been up to at Polkadot Heathcote?

We have had the best time doing Halloween activities at Polkadot Heathcote. We started doing some pumpkin play before half term to give all children a chance to join in with the fun. The pumpkin play allowed us to discuss textures of the outside of the pumpkin, the children used words like ‘smooth’, ‘soft’ and ‘prickly’ for the stalk. When it came to the inside of the pumpkin, they described it as ‘slimy’ and said ‘it’s like spider webs inside’. The children seemed to really enjoy the activity and some spent a really long time exploring the textures of the pumpkin, everyone’s concentration was amazing!

During Halloween week, we used some coloured oats to allow the children to make potions, including some toy witch fingers and spiders. The children showed some wonderful sharing and turn taking. Later, we made some colour changing potions together using a recipe. This encouraged the use of maths and fine motor skills. The children were so engaged and when the potion changed colour they showed so much excitement. We also made some paper-mache ghosts ready for our Halloween dress up days. The concentration and control during the activity was so wonderful to see.

We also had so much fun dressing up on Thursday and Friday that we gave the children the option to have some photos taken with our Halloween props.

What have we been up to at Gingham Pre-School, Stratford upon Avon?

Gingham Pre-School have been enjoying the Autumn fall. The children have collected leaves to use creatively to make sensory collages, they have also shown interest in investigating the leaves and their properties such as texture and colour.

To celebrate Halloween, the children had the chance to dress up, carve pumpkins and be creative making and decorating witches hats, decorating cakes and making spider hand print hangers.

During this week, the children will have the opportunity to learn all about Bonfire Night, yesterday some children shared their weekend experiences of seeing fireworks, leading on to creating pictures to represent the fireworks and their colours, along with an adult, the children chose the colours and materials to use to make their pictures. Children have been using their language skills to discuss descriptively, using words to describe noises and patterns of the fireworks they saw.

What have we been up to at Polkadot Alcester?

The children at Alcester have had a busy few weeks in the run up to half term, exploring the change in seasons and sharing their current interests with their friends – dinosaurs have been very popular in TopDots! The BabyDots have been using their senses to explore paint, sensory bags, crispy autumn leaves and slimy pumpkins! Pre-school have been surprised to find a small fairy door by the toadstool in the garden which inspired lots of imaginative play and ponderings about where it came from and who lives behind it! They have also been using their maths skills to sort and compare the nature objects. Over half term the children have taken part in a variety of activities in the run up to Halloween, including making spooky spiders, cheeky pumpkins and ghoulish ghosts! We are looking forward to welcoming all of the children back next week for lots more fun exploring Bonfire night, followed by celebrating Children in Need (w/c 9th Nov) by getting dressed up in our spottiest clothes!

Autumn Time at Polkadot Pershore

Playing, exploring and making sense of Autumn at Pershore


Have a look at the fabulous time children and staff alike have had in October.


We have welcomed new children and families, went for autumn treasure hunts and celebrated harvest by exploring lots of new fruits and vegetables.  Playdough shapes making, water play, music making, dancing, drawing would also be worth mentioning.


A real feast for our senses by trying new textures, flavours, sounds, words, stories and songs.

Big thank you to all parents for sharing with us those beautiful, positive thoughts engraved on the Pumpkin.


“The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky.

Margaret McMillan (nursery school pioneer)



Polkadot Alcester Pre-School – Look what we’ve been up to!

The pre-school children at Alcester have recently been exploring a type of freestyle painting that is also known as Literati painting, or in Chinese ‘Xie Yi’. The meaning of which is to ‘write an idea’; the Chinese painting technique of personal expression. They have also been working on a variety of other skills across the Early Years Foundation Stage, using the indoor and outdoor environments.

Polkadot Nurseries – Half Term Dates

We wanted to remind Parents that we will be closed to all Term Time Only children (this includes all children at Bunting Pre-School and Polkadot Bridgetown) week commencing 26th October for Half Term. We will be open again from Monday 2nd November.

Please see below a link to our 2020/21 Calendar for future reference.




Polkadot Nursery- Stratford upon Avon – Hello Autumn!

Well Autumn is finally here, with the darker nights, cosy evenings at home and the leaves changing to some beautiful Autumnal colours.

Last week, we celebrated National Forest School day! The children loved exploring the Nature Garden with lots of emptying and filling buckets with water, mud and bark.

Down in the Allotment the children found a snail and were very keen to observe and give the snail a ‘flower to smell’, they watched as it slowly made a trail across the flower bed.

Following this, we extended our outdoor learning to indoors, with painting using leaves and sensory activities such as a ‘touch and feel’ game with leaves and pine cones.

Just a reminder from staff at Polkadot- Please could you make sure you are bringing in an empty labelled water bottle daily for your child to use throughout the day. Thank you.

Welcome to Polkadot Pershore Nursery

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all children, parents and staff at our new Polkadot Pershore nursey.

It has been a very busy first month for all children exploring the new environment, resources and making new friends. Water play, mark making, climbing, bubbles, singing and musical instruments were all available and everyone had the chance to experiment and choose their favourite activity.

Outdoors we tried the bikes, exploring the sensory garden, kicking the balls and building with large wooden blocks.

One early morning we have had a very unexpected visitor: a bright red Fire Engine stopped by and we all waived!


Gingham Pre-School – Stratford upon Avon

Gingham Pre-School have been very busy. We have welcomed lots of wonderful new friends to the setting this month. The children have loved Forest School, exploring in the mud kitchen as well as using tools to dig. The children have been investigating the properties of water through play, making constructions for water to flow through. Finding ladybirds has also been of keen interest. The children have been creative with table top painting as well as collaging.