Green Fingers at Bunting Pre-School!

The weather lately has been so unpredictable, so we are now making the most of the sunshine. The children at Bunting enjoyed planting some seeds, bulbs, and plants into our flower beds. They helped staff to dig holes, plant seeds and cover them up. The children will help care for the plants by watering regularly and checking them for bugs.  They are very keen to see them grow and flower and the children understood that the plants will need sunshine and rain to help them grow healthy. They also understood that we need food, drinks and sunshine to help us stay healthy as well.

The children were role playing in the outdoor area and they used wheels to create an ice cream van made out of the wooden play house. The children offered options of different flavours including strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Some of them also talked about having a cold ice cream whilst they were at the beach.  Everyone had an enjoyable time, and the children made the most of the sunshine.

Glorious May at Polkadot Pershore

In May at Polkadot Pershore our babies and toddlers have been exploring new activities through their senses: gloop, paint, sensory lights, balls and books, jelly, custard and we have been using new words such as: dog, ball, clock and ball. The children are also showing they are able to identify their nursery friends by name through pointing.

Over 2’s were fascinated by the butterflies larvae and releasing the newly formed butterflies, it was just magical watching them waving and exchanging opinions about where the butterflies might be going. Team work, sharing and problem solving is a daily reminder and requires a lot of concentration, kindness and we couldn’t be more proud of all the children trying their hardest.

Sunflower seeds have been planted on a very cold day, however the excitement and positivity was very generously spread around the garden. Now the sunflower competition is on…see more details in our June Parents Letter! Number exploration and number hunting down in the forest was another topic in which children were engaged for a good few weeks. It might be a good idea at the weekend when you go to the park, shopping or garden to encourage your child in identifying number and count where you can!

Having fun outside at Gingham Pre-School

Recently at Gingham the children have been embracing their new outdoor play equipment. The free-flowing area has been enhanced to include amazing climbing opportunities- the children have especially loved the climbing tunnels- “Climbing up and down is so fun”, “I love this climbing frame” and “ I like sliding down so fast!”. The children have enjoyed the challenges of the new equipment, negotiating how to use and accomplish the route around the equipment. Children have supported each other in embracing the challenge. Children have used the new digging planters to investigate and become involved in treasure hunts! We have explored our mark making skills using the new easels, using pens to create on the white board and paint on the transparent board- the children love this concept. As well as exploring in all weathers, the children have engaged and learnt all about growth- children have started to plant runner beans and sunflowers-to watch growth and change, as well as caring for their plants to grow. This activity has proven very supportive of children’s mathematical development looking at size.

Polkadot Heathcote Update!

At Polkadot Heathcote we enjoyed a busy 2 weeks over Easter. The weather has been so lovely we have been able to enjoy lots of time outside. We went onto the big field, played lots of football and chased bubbles around the field. The children have been strengthening their gross motor skills as their control of the football has been improving so much, Shannon has enjoyed joining in with them too! The bubbles have proven to be a favourite as all the children get involved, luckily the wind helped with making the bubbles too!

We were able to go for a walk to a local pond where we took some bread and fed the swans, ducks and various other birds. The children showed some amazing listening ears as we walked on the paths holding hands together and practised looking both ways before crossing the roads. While at the pond, the children continued to use their listening ears and didn’t get too close to the edge of the pond, they showed a lot of curiosity about the various animals and we talked about the differences in the birds that we saw. A favourite was the swan that seemed hungry as it was eating a lot of the bread the children were throwing.

We also did lots of fun activities indoors. We celebrated Easter by making some chocolate nests for the children to take home. Lots of patience and turn taking was shown. We also had a discussion about what nests are for and what different kind of animals use nests like the ones we were imitating. We did some more table top painting to encourage colour recognition and mixing of colours, we went on further to encourage the children to use their index fingers to form recogniseable letters and shapes in the paint, they were doing really well.

Chloe also got some sunflower seeds from her local Morrison’s that were free for children over the holidays and we planted the seeds. With the seeds also came a poem which Chloe read tand paused to see if the children could guess the next word. We were amazed at how well the children were guessing the next words, a lot of the words were rhyming words. We also talked about what seeds need to help them grow; “the sun!”, “water!”. The children were very excited to take their seeds they planted home so Chloe and Shannon also planted some that we can all watch grow at Pre-school too! We look forward to hearing about how the sunflowers are doing at home!

Polkadot Pershore – Looking back at what we got up to in March!

At Pershore, in March we have used all of our senses to explore and celebrate the world around us.

Under 2’s have used oats to fill up and empty containers, practicing hand-eye coordination, playing with playdough, flour and cornflakes creating different textures, painting with shaving foam and compost digging. For little hands who are unsure of touching paint , we used zip-lock bags filled with paint, real fruit and vegetable juice. The children have also been using kind words and hands when “looking after our baby dolls”.

A big thank you to all parents that provided us with lovely family photos for our new display.

Over 2’s have had a great time painting hard boiled eggs, decorating their own marbled egg, as well as having “meaningful” conversation with Bunny rabbit in anticipation of Easter. Chocolate playdough has been very popular, as you can imagine and we even manged to have a morning picnic outdoors!

Easter Fun at Gingham Pre-School!

“The children at Gingham Pre-School have been learning all about Easter and Spring time. The children have engaged in a variety of activities leading on from their interests. Activities include planting beans, ready to care for them and observe their growth and change. The children have been busy investigating Easter through activities such as Easter pasta play, filling eggs to create sounds and shakers, exploring how sounds changes. Using potato mashers to create Easter egg prints has been popular, the children were able to recognise patterns and explore colour change and mixing. The children created their own Easter cards for their families, using the fork painting method to accomplish this. For snack the children enjoyed hot cross buns before adventuring to forest school for their Easter egg hunt!”

Seedlings Nursery – Exploring the Outdoors!

Children in Blooms at Seedlings, have been learning lots in our Nature garden.

Over the last few weeks we have been exploring and experimenting and finding out lots of new things!

We have also been learning to look after wildlife.

We start off our Nature Garden session by sitting around the log circle talking about the rules of the Nature Garden and discussing what we will be doing in our session.

At the end of our session we all come back around the log circle to talk about what we have enjoyed doing, we also sit quietly for a few minutes listening to the sounds we can hear in our outdoor environment, we then talk about what we have heard.

Here are a few of the things we have been doing:

Exploring and using our imagination in the mud kitchen, making mud pie, chocolate and mud pancakes and worm and leaf soup.

Mud painting – we have been experimenting making our own mud paint, mixing water and soil together and adding food colouring to make more colours.

We have used large gross motor movement while painting the trees, the children have given meaning to the marks they have made,

“A dress for the tree”

“A house”


The children used different tools to paint with, large paint brushes, small brushes and sticks.

We have been on bug hunts using magnifying glasses, looking under logs, on trees and in bushes.

We have found ladybirds, slugs, spiders, snail, and lots of small white eggs.

The children are very careful when lifting up the logs and put them back down gently so we don’t hurt the bugs we have found.

We have made some little bug houses to keep them safe too!

We love watching the birds especially the robin that always comes to say hello.

We look after the birds by filling the bird feeders up with seeds so they don’t go hungry.

We have been using lots of mathematical language while measuring sticks against our arms and measuring ourselves against the trees.
We have used words such as longer, shorter, smaller and bigger.

This week we are making our own 3D maps, we have found natural resources around the Nature Garden to use and worked together as a team to create our map.

We used stones as a bridge and pine cones as a swamp, sticks as the forest and some bark as the mountains, we used some daffodils leaves as x marks the spot for our treasure!!

We then acted out our adventure.

Some of you might of heard your children talking about Kit squirrel.

Kit squirrel isn’t a real squirrel but is a feature in our garden given to us from a child that loved the Nature Garden, when he left for school.

We named the squirrel Kit to remember him.

The children love making Kit nests to sleep in and stroke him and often sit and talk to him.

They enjoy sitting around the tree where Kit the squirrel sits making him lunch and playing with him.

Polkadot Bridgetown enjoy St Davids Day and World Book Day

We had a fun packed week last week at Polkadot Bridgetown celebrating St Davids Day and World Book Day.

St Davids Day

To celebrate St Davids day the children explored and named the different parts of a daffodil. We looked at the shapes and different colours. Using this knowledge the children created some magnificent still life paintings.

World Book Day

The children had great fun celebrating World Book Day. They arrived all dressed up as characters from their favourite books. We all had a fun day engaging in a variety of different activities based around these stories. In circle time the children all took turns to talk about their favourite stories and what parts of the book they enjoyed the most.