Top Dots Go Fishing!

‘TopDots added water to some open ended materials in our Tuff Spot and created a fishing game! The children took turns with the three ‘fishing rod’ tubes, choosing who to pass it on to next after their turns were finished. The orange rings floated in the water and the children attempted to hook the fish with their rods – testing their hand eye co-ordination and developing their fine and gross motor movements! When children found it difficult to hold the rod, we added a little mesh handle to make it easier to hold. The children then pretended to eat the fish for lunch!’

Sarah Blake – Nursery Manager



Waste Not, Want Not!

‘Here at Polkadot we have been having lots of fun in our outdoor areas. We have explored recycled resources and used them within our play to help encourage using our imaginations in Top Dots. We used words such as “squidgy and stretchy” when investigating the variety of materials. The children turned the items into hair, telescopes and swords amongst many other ideas. The children in Dots to Tots have been having fun in the allotment area and enjoying sand play- using tools and resources to fill and pour. The children have participated in table top painting too, exploring tools, textures and colours. Baby Dots have been creating marks and movements using cars and paint in the creative area. In the outdoor environment the children have been interested in building, dressing up and exploring textured balls- rolling and bouncing them’

Lucy Stanley – Nursery Manager

School Transition Morning

A reminder for parents with children at Gingham Pre School who are starting school this September, we have a School Transition Morning on Saturday 17th June 10am-12pm (drop in) to view your child’s Transition Report and speak with your child’s key worker. We hope to see you all there!

Bug Hunt!

“Last week at Seedlings the children found some bugs in the outdoor area near the sandpit.  This led to a great in depth discussion about insects, where they live and the different kinds of insects there are.  We looked at lots of different picture cards that have pictures of mini beasts so we could see what they looked like and read all about them. We shared some mini beast stories such as the hungry caterpillar and what the ladybird heard.  We then decided to search in our nature garden to see if we could find any real mini beasts, some of the children used a picture sheet to tick off the insects they found and some children were extremely brave and were happy to hold some of the insects and observe them more closely.  We then created our own mini beasts using paint, collage and paper plates!”

Helena Waterworth – Seedlings Nursery Manager



“The children at Seedlings are really enjoying their ball skills sessions at Seedlings.  Their most recent activities have been focusing on keeping the ball close to them and developing their team playing skills. The children are great at sharing the ball with each other, listening to instructions and giving all of the activities a go.  The children are always so eager for Danny to come on a Thursday and show them some new skills, scoring goals was a great hit.”

Helena Waterworth – Seedlings Nursery Manager

Peas Please!

” Gingham Pre-School have been exploring and investigating using their senses. This week we have had fun using frozen peas to explore and develop our mathematical skills. We used resources to fill and pour. We used our mathematical language skills to discuss our observations such as ‘we need more’, ‘lot’s fit in here’ and counting the peas into containers – making predictions and decisions. We used our senses to explore the textures of the peas as they changed from frozen to mushy! ”

Lucy Stanley – Gingham Manager


Our Easter Parent Join In Afternoon

“Parents, Children and Staff had a lovely afternoon enjoying an Easter
themed parent join in at Polkadot Stratford. During the afternoon,
families had opportunity to explore activities that had been taking place in
nursery over the past weeks, these included planting beans, making rice shakers,
decorating biscuits and sand play using Easter resources. The children
especially enjoyed the Easter egg hunt in the garden. The children made
Easter Bonnets with their families and brought them into nursery too! Thank
you to all parents that came along, we hope you had a lovely time”

Incy Wincy Spider

” The children in Baby Room at Alcester really enjoyed singing Incy Wincy
Spider at group time, so the practitioners in the room set up an exciting
water play activity to match the song! The children were able to help the
spiders climb up the drain pipes and then wash them back down again with
lots of water! This meant lots of moving and tipping and scooping, really
encouraging the children to use their gross motor skills. Singing along to
the activity also helped them engage with the meaning of the words, as they
watched the spider move up the pipe and the ‘rain’ wash him back down

Alcester – Chatter matters week

During Chatter Matters week, we planned activities inspired by a different song each day. We pretended to be on the river in TopDots for ‘Row Row Row your boat’ and had boat races! The children enjoyed seeing how fast and far they could blow their milk bottle lid boats! Willow our nursery Rabbit paid everyone a visit on ‘Little Peter Rabbit’ day and enjoyed lots of fuss! Another song was ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ so we looked at emotions and faces, recreating smiles and frowns with play doh. The children enjoyed thinking about the songs in different ways through the various activities and even requested a few old favourites during group times such as ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and the much loved ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep!