Polkadot Stratford and Gingham upcoming events

At both Polkadot Stratford and Gingham Pre-School we will be holding a ‘Wear It Red’ day. We are inviting all children to come dressed in red clothing for the day to support this event. During the day we will be holding lots of red themed activities for the children to explore and enjoy! All donations would be very welcome.

Parent and Family Join In day Gingham

On Friday 31st March at 9.15-11.00 Gingham Pre-School will be holding an Easter Themed join in morning. We would like to invite all families and children to come along to join in the Easter fun including an Easter egg hunt and lots of Easter creative crafts. We will be holding an Easter Bonnet competition on Thursday 6th April, please bring all bonnets in to Gingham week commencing Monday 3rd April.

Parent and Family Join In day Polkadot Stratford Nursery

Polkadot Stratford would also like to invite all children and their families to come along to their parent and family join in afternoon on Tuesday 11th April 4pm onwards. The theme will also be a Spring and Easter afternoon with a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. An Easter Bonnet competition will be held on this day, please bring all bonnets to your child’s room at Nursery no later than Friday 7th April.

Parents Evenings

Parents Evening at Polkadot Stratford Nursery will be held on Thursday 27th April from 5.30. Please speak to your child’s key worker who will be happy to arrange an appointment.

Gingham Non-School Leavers Parents evening- Thursday 4th May-6.15-8pm. This evening is for parents of children NOT starting school this September. Please speak to your child’s key worker to arrange an appointment.

School Transition Parents Morning at Gingham Pre-School will be held on Saturday 17th June  from 10am-12pm- this parents morning is for parents of children leaving for school this September- please speak to your child’s key worker to arrange an appointment for this morning. It is really important for parents to come along because we will be sharing important information about your child’s transition to school.

Alcester Nursery up and coming events

We would like to invite the children from all rooms who attend on this day to a Red Nose Day party! For a small donation, children can wear Red – the staff will be too! They can take part in lots of red themed activities such as red water play, red paint and glue and the children will be making some yummy red nose treats to take home! Donation pots will be available in Reception and every room.

Those children that do not attend can still take part by joining in with our Red Raffle! We would appreciate donations of anything Red to go into a hamper to be raffled on Red Nose Day! Raffle tickets will be available in the run up to Comic Relief and the hamper will be available to view as it fills up in Reception. So please raid the cupboards with your children and bring in anything you can find that is Red! This could be anything from a bottle of red bubble bath to a tin of Red Kidney beans! Any fresh items such as strawberries/tomatoes should be brought in on the day or as close to it as possible.

Tuesday 4th April – Parents Evening – 6pm – 8pm

The appointment sheets are now available in each room for parents to book a slot with their child’s keyperson. Appointment slots are 10 minutes long, please try to attend on time as we will have lots of parents to see. If you feel like you have not had long enough with your child’s keyperson then please ask them to schedule a follow-on appointment that can be arranged in the near future. This is a good opportunity to share with your child’s keyperson any changes at home and to discuss your child’s development, also to address any issues or concerns you might have.

Tues 18th April – Parent Join In Session – 9.30-11.30am – Easter/Spring Theme

We would like to invite Parents/Carers from all rooms to join us for a stay and play style session, where you can experience lots of the toys and activities that your children engage in every day. Children who do not normally attend on Tuesday mornings are welcome to join us under the supervision of a responsible adult who is required to stay with them at all times. Our theme is Easter and Spring so we will be looking for some hidden Easter Eggs and helping to do some gardening, as well as lots of other fun activities! Please limit attendance to 2 adults per child and be aware that at no point can Mobile phones be used inside the Nursery. There will be baskets available in Reception to store phones and you will be asked to sign them and yourselves in and out of the building. We look forward to welcoming you all!

World Book Day at Alcester

World Book Day was an exciting time for all of our children to share lots of stories with their friends. In Baby Dots, the children were invited to bring in a favourite cuddly animal to read a story all about animals. They also had a Teddy Bears Picnic with them! In TopDots, the children were invited to bring in a favourite book and dress up as a character from it if they wished! We had a fantastic Snail on a Whale outfit, Peppa Pig visited us and we also had a very noisy dinosaur to name a few! TopDots spent lots of time looking at each other’s books and telling their friends all about their favourite parts of the story. In Pre-school the children were also invited to bring in their books and get dressed up, there were lots of fantastic outfits and books to share. Pre-school also focused on two story books – The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. The children thoroughly enjoyed role-playing with the different building materials that were used by the Little Pigs and all the things that Goldilocks tried in the Bears house, such as the porridge, and the beds!

Pancake Day !

Polakdot Alcester had lots of fun celebrating Shrove Tuesday with Pancake activities and races in the garden. Our older pre-schoolers even joined in with a Pancake Race through the town, with prizes for first second and third place! We saw a photo of our race on the front page of the local newspaper and the children were very happy to have been part of the fun. After the pancake race they visited the fruit and veg shop on the High Street for some fresh fruit treats to take back to their friends – Thank you 5-a-day for looking after us! Back at the nursery, the children made their own paper pancakes and had a go at flipping playdough pancakes in a pan!




Gingham Pre-School fun

The children at Gingham pre-school have been very busy these past weeks. They spent a day at Bunting Pre-School where they created their own fairy gardens using clay and natural resources they had collected from the outdoor environment. The children have been creating self-portraits, using mirrors to support use of colours when creating their pictures.

On World Book Day , the children brought in their favourite stories and dressed up as a variety of characters. During the day we shared lots of lovely stories, developing on skills such as making predictions and using the illustrations to create stories of our own’

We will be holding a ‘Wear it Red day’ at Gingham Pre-School on Friday 24th March to Comic Relief so we hope everyone can join in!

Gingham and Alcester Swimming lessons

The children from Gingham Pre-School and Alcester Polkadot have continued to flourish during their swimming lessons. They have been working towards their Duckling 3 badge, involving skills such as floating like stars on their backs and making rockets shapes to glide across the swimming pool. Some of the children have achieved their five metre swimming badge too! The children ended this half terms’ lesson having a great time on the floats and whizzing down the slide making big splashes in the water!

Chinese New Year

It was Chinese New year on 28th January and here at Polkadot Alcester we all joined in to celebrate the ‘Year of the Rooster’ 🙂 The children especially loved playing with the noodles and the Pre School children got to practice their fine motor and scissor skills. We also did some painting using chopstick.


Bird Watching

TopDots have been interested in watching the birds in the garden this week so they decided to make some bird feeders, using biscuits,butter and seeds. They took them into the garden and helped hang them up for the birds to eat. The TopDots also made their own binoculars for bird watching and waited very patiently to see if the birds enjoyed their snacks! Later, the TopDots took their binoculars with them on a muddy walk down to Forest School to look for more birds and animals and they discovered 3 ducks swimming on the river which was very exciting!








Forest School and Swimming

Here at Gingham we have been exploring and investigating in our Forest School area. We used tools to dig and find creatures as well as making our own dens to play hide and seek in. We had great fun exploring the water in different areas, using our problem solving skills to transport water to different areas. We learnt about measures such as shallow and deep.

The children have also started back with their swimming lessons too. They have enjoyed practising for their five metre badge and certificates involving swimming the width of pool independently!