Peas Please!

” Gingham Pre-School have been exploring and investigating using their senses. This week we have had fun using frozen peas to explore and develop our mathematical skills. We used resources to fill and pour. We used our mathematical language skills to discuss our observations such as ‘we need more’, ‘lot’s fit in here’ and counting the peas into containers – making predictions and decisions. We used our senses to explore the textures of the peas as they changed from frozen to mushy! ”

Lucy Stanley – Gingham Manager


Our Easter Parent Join In Afternoon

“Parents, Children and Staff had a lovely afternoon enjoying an Easter
themed parent join in at Polkadot Stratford. During the afternoon,
families had opportunity to explore activities that had been taking place in
nursery over the past weeks, these included planting beans, making rice shakers,
decorating biscuits and sand play using Easter resources. The children
especially enjoyed the Easter egg hunt in the garden. The children made
Easter Bonnets with their families and brought them into nursery too! Thank
you to all parents that came along, we hope you had a lovely time”

Incy Wincy Spider

” The children in Baby Room at Alcester really enjoyed singing Incy Wincy
Spider at group time, so the practitioners in the room set up an exciting
water play activity to match the song! The children were able to help the
spiders climb up the drain pipes and then wash them back down again with
lots of water! This meant lots of moving and tipping and scooping, really
encouraging the children to use their gross motor skills. Singing along to
the activity also helped them engage with the meaning of the words, as they
watched the spider move up the pipe and the ‘rain’ wash him back down

Alcester – Chatter matters week

During Chatter Matters week, we planned activities inspired by a different song each day. We pretended to be on the river in TopDots for ‘Row Row Row your boat’ and had boat races! The children enjoyed seeing how fast and far they could blow their milk bottle lid boats! Willow our nursery Rabbit paid everyone a visit on ‘Little Peter Rabbit’ day and enjoyed lots of fuss! Another song was ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ so we looked at emotions and faces, recreating smiles and frowns with play doh. The children enjoyed thinking about the songs in different ways through the various activities and even requested a few old favourites during group times such as ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and the much loved ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep!

Stratford Topdot spring fun

The children at Polkadot Stratford have been very busy planting beans, ready to watch them grow in to big bean stalks just like Jack and the Bean Stalk! The children explored the seeds and compost using tools to scoop and fill their plant pots. The children will be investigating and observing the growth of the beans over the coming weeks. They will then plant them into the vegetable planter in the allotment area to see how tall they grow.

Everyone have also been enjoying looking after the chicks when they came to visit from Gingham Pre-School! The children have been holding and stroking the chicks as well as caring for them throughout the day.

Gingham parent join in morning

Parents, children and staff had a lovely join in morning at Gingham on Friday 31st March. The theme for the morning was Spring and Easter. Everyone had a great time participating in activities such as an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden, Pom Pom Easter Egg painting, Planting Beans to take home and grow, Table top Spring and Easter Painting using a variety of tools such as potato mashers to create egg shapes, and bottles and forks to make flowers shapes. We had fun using rice and eggs to explore and investigate sounds making them into shakers. Children and parents looked after the chicks, holding and stroking them too! Thank you to all parents that came along, we hope you had as much fun as we all did!

Alcester Red Nose Day Fun

All of the children at Alcester had a great time celebrating Red Nose Day for Comic Relief in a variety of ways. The babies tried on a squeezy red nose and explored some wobbly red jelly! TopDots mixed up some red sensory Gloop, combining the water, cornflour and red food colouring with their hands. They also made paper plate faces with red noses and red spotty paintings. As well as Red Nose Day colouring pages and red Gloop messy play, Pre-school went on a red treasure hunt in the garden, searching for all things red! All of the children throughout the nursery decorated a cake or a biscuit to look like a big red nose, with extra sprinkles and decorations! There were lots of funky red outfits being worn and lots of tickets were sold for our big ‘Red Raffle’! Thank you to everyone for all of their lovely donations to the hamper, the winning ticket was pulled out by a Pre-schooler and the winner was Sami in the Baby Room! With all of the proceeds from the raffle and all of your generous donations, Alcester Polkadot managed to raise a whopping £164.45! Well done Alcester!

Gingham chicks have hatched !!!!

The children at Gingham have been really excited seeing the chicks hatch from their eggs. We have 10 new arrivals! The children have been carefully looking after the chicks, feeding them and making sure they have a “nice comfy bed”. The children have enjoyed holding and stroking the chicks too discussing textures and observing the chicks as they grow bigger. The children have learnt that the brown chicks are girls and the lemon coloured chicks are boys!

Polkadot Stratford and Gingham upcoming events

At both Polkadot Stratford and Gingham Pre-School we will be holding a ‘Wear It Red’ day. We are inviting all children to come dressed in red clothing for the day to support this event. During the day we will be holding lots of red themed activities for the children to explore and enjoy! All donations would be very welcome.

Parent and Family Join In day Gingham

On Friday 31st March at 9.15-11.00 Gingham Pre-School will be holding an Easter Themed join in morning. We would like to invite all families and children to come along to join in the Easter fun including an Easter egg hunt and lots of Easter creative crafts. We will be holding an Easter Bonnet competition on Thursday 6th April, please bring all bonnets in to Gingham week commencing Monday 3rd April.

Parent and Family Join In day Polkadot Stratford Nursery

Polkadot Stratford would also like to invite all children and their families to come along to their parent and family join in afternoon on Tuesday 11th April 4pm onwards. The theme will also be a Spring and Easter afternoon with a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. An Easter Bonnet competition will be held on this day, please bring all bonnets to your child’s room at Nursery no later than Friday 7th April.

Parents Evenings

Parents Evening at Polkadot Stratford Nursery will be held on Thursday 27th April from 5.30. Please speak to your child’s key worker who will be happy to arrange an appointment.

Gingham Non-School Leavers Parents evening- Thursday 4th May-6.15-8pm. This evening is for parents of children NOT starting school this September. Please speak to your child’s key worker to arrange an appointment.

School Transition Parents Morning at Gingham Pre-School will be held on Saturday 17th June  from 10am-12pm- this parents morning is for parents of children leaving for school this September- please speak to your child’s key worker to arrange an appointment for this morning. It is really important for parents to come along because we will be sharing important information about your child’s transition to school.