Bunting Pre School learn about fire safety

We had the pleasure of borrowing a fire box which contained a lot of different items that connects to fire safety. The children indulged themselves into the special clothing and hats as well as using pictures, which they could colour in and enjoyed listening to stories. They had so much fun learning all about the importance of firefighters and what their job entailed.

Busy Bees at Gingham Pre-School

The children at Gingham Pre-School have been very inquisitive, learning all about mini beasts, but Bees in particular. The children have been planting up their own Bee Meadow using wildflower seeds in forest school and in the planters in our outdoor environments too, we are hoping the bees will visit the flowers when they have grown “to collect their pollen”. Children have taken on the responsibility of looking after the seeds, watering them, and watching them grow, observing the changes day to day.  To enhance the children’s learning, we have used resources such as factual books, Mini beast bingo and stories about mini beasts. One of our friends brought in two bee nests for us to observe too from their garden after the bees had finished with them, one even had a small honeycomb inside!

Making sense of the world at Polkadot Pershore

In June, it was all about the diversity of experiences that surround us. We have embraced nature in all its forms and we have been rewarded by the Wildlife Trust with a certificate stating that Polkadot Pershore completed “30 Days Wild”

Younger children have been making sense of the environment by exploring different nature based sensory experiences: using tapioca, pasta and rice, making collages out of herbs and flower petals, as well as compost. Wooden building blocks and sand have also been used to aid with fine and gross motor skills.

In the over 2’s age group, the children have been really excited talking and checking daily their own made wormery. We talked about the bones in our bodies and most children have now an understanding of what X ray looks like. Colours were mixed to obtain colours we observed in nature and we practised our fine and gross motor skills as fire fighters, as well as building our own fire engine.

Bonjour from Polkadot Bridgetown

At Polkadot Bridgetown we have had great fun learning about the French culture. We looked at the colours of the flag and recreated it using coloured tissue paper. Sophie told us all about the foods they eat. We enjoyed exploring some of these foods using our senses, talking about the smells and the textures.

We created our own breads and pasteries using salt dough to enhance our own Boulangerie role play area. We weighed the ingredients before mixing them together. Using our hands, rollers and cutters we made lots of yummy treats.

We learnt some new French songs about a crocodile and a butterfly. Joining in with the actions and words.

Sophie taught us some colours in french, we had great fun playing a matching game, we worked in pairs encouraging each other as we played.

Green Thumbs at Polkadot Heathcote!

At Polkadot Heathcote we have continued to look after the sunflowers that we planted a couple months ago. We have been watching them slowly get bigger and bigger until we all agreed that it was time for them to be rehomed in the garden. 

The children got stuck into the activity, they followed instructions really well. They made a hole in the soil ready for the sunflowers to be put in. We then showed them how to take the sunflowers out of their pots without pulling them out. We had a discussion about how we needed to look after the roots so that the sunflowers could continue to grow. The children were able to use the same technique to get the sunflowers and the roots out safely and unharmed. They then gently placed the sunflowers on the holes and filled the hole with more soil. The children took turns and watched each other so well as they completed their tasks.

Once the sunflowers were planted we got some more volunteers to help water the sunflowers, we also discussed why we had to water the sunflowers, and the children showed their knowledge of why the plants need water and how they grow. As they also reminded us that the plants also need the sun to grow. 

We will continue to watch them as they grow, and can’t wait to see the garden full of our yellow sunflowers.

Gingham Pre-School – Our walk in the community

The children had a lovely walk in the community during half term. They had a visit to the Esquires Coffee Shop next to the train station for a yummy cookie and baby chino followed by a walk to the train station to see the trains coming in and out of the station. On the way there and back the children noticed and observed lots of features in the community, looking at signs and illustrations in the pavement as they went. The children showed excellent road safety skills holding hands and walking beautifully with their teachers Gemma and Imogen. If you would like to see more photos of the trip, please ask a member of the team.

Green Fingers at Bunting Pre-School!

The weather lately has been so unpredictable, so we are now making the most of the sunshine. The children at Bunting enjoyed planting some seeds, bulbs, and plants into our flower beds. They helped staff to dig holes, plant seeds and cover them up. The children will help care for the plants by watering regularly and checking them for bugs.  They are very keen to see them grow and flower and the children understood that the plants will need sunshine and rain to help them grow healthy. They also understood that we need food, drinks and sunshine to help us stay healthy as well.

The children were role playing in the outdoor area and they used wheels to create an ice cream van made out of the wooden play house. The children offered options of different flavours including strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Some of them also talked about having a cold ice cream whilst they were at the beach.  Everyone had an enjoyable time, and the children made the most of the sunshine.

Glorious May at Polkadot Pershore

In May at Polkadot Pershore our babies and toddlers have been exploring new activities through their senses: gloop, paint, sensory lights, balls and books, jelly, custard and we have been using new words such as: dog, ball, clock and ball. The children are also showing they are able to identify their nursery friends by name through pointing.

Over 2’s were fascinated by the butterflies larvae and releasing the newly formed butterflies, it was just magical watching them waving and exchanging opinions about where the butterflies might be going. Team work, sharing and problem solving is a daily reminder and requires a lot of concentration, kindness and we couldn’t be more proud of all the children trying their hardest.

Sunflower seeds have been planted on a very cold day, however the excitement and positivity was very generously spread around the garden. Now the sunflower competition is on…see more details in our June Parents Letter! Number exploration and number hunting down in the forest was another topic in which children were engaged for a good few weeks. It might be a good idea at the weekend when you go to the park, shopping or garden to encourage your child in identifying number and count where you can!

Having fun outside at Gingham Pre-School

Recently at Gingham the children have been embracing their new outdoor play equipment. The free-flowing area has been enhanced to include amazing climbing opportunities- the children have especially loved the climbing tunnels- “Climbing up and down is so fun”, “I love this climbing frame” and “ I like sliding down so fast!”. The children have enjoyed the challenges of the new equipment, negotiating how to use and accomplish the route around the equipment. Children have supported each other in embracing the challenge. Children have used the new digging planters to investigate and become involved in treasure hunts! We have explored our mark making skills using the new easels, using pens to create on the white board and paint on the transparent board- the children love this concept. As well as exploring in all weathers, the children have engaged and learnt all about growth- children have started to plant runner beans and sunflowers-to watch growth and change, as well as caring for their plants to grow. This activity has proven very supportive of children’s mathematical development looking at size.