Autumn Celebrations at Polkadot Heathcote!

At Polkadot Heathcote we have been doing lots of activities where we could learn about a range of celebrations that happen throughout the Autumn months.

The children showed some amazing concentration as they used their fine motor skills to make some Diwali lanterns. The children chose the colours that they wanted to incorporate and made two layers. Shannon showed the children how to create their lanterns, rolling the first layer and putting some slits through the second layer. Shannon also helped to put the sellotape where the children asked her to. During the activity Shannon opened the discussion about how Diwali is the festival of lights, later on they got to learn more through the story of Rama and Sita.

A big excitement throughout the Pre School was Bonfire night, some of the children told us about the ‘gunpowder plot’ which opened the conversation about why we have a bonfire night. The conversation moved onto the ‘fireworks’ and how they go ‘bang in the sky’ showing ‘lots of colours’. Some of the children began to tell us what their favourite colours are, such as; “red”, “yellow” and some of them even said “all the colours!”. We decided to make our own firework display, we twisted some pipe cleaners together which the children were able to dip into different coloured paint and then dab the paint on some black card. The outcome was amazing! Some of the children showed how amazed they were by the colours on the black card as they said ‘wow!’.

We have also been talking about the different seasons and how we are currently in Autumn. We’ve discussed how the colours of the leaves have been changing and how even though the sun is shining, it is still a bit cold outside. From this we decided to make our own Autumn sun catchers, using tissue paper which we put into laminating pouches – which only grown-ups laminated, and we were able to talk about safety and how the laminator gets hot so that’s why only the grown-ups touch the laminator. The children then chose the outline of a leaf that they wanted to make and using their fine motor skills and concentration drew around the leaves! We were so impressed! Once Chloe had cut around their outline, the children showed where they wanted the hole to be put so they could thread the string through. The children were able to choose how they wanted their leaves to be made. The results were fabulous!

We were able to have a great discussion about Remembrance Day and Poppies. Some knew that it is ‘a day to remember people’, the ‘soldiers’ that made us free. The children learnt how the poppies represent Remembrance Day, and we talked about how Poppies are pretty to look at but we ‘mustn’t sniff or touch’ them. One of the children asked the great question “what is inside a poppy seed to make it poisonous?”, we chatted about how there is a powder inside the seed that our bodies don’t like. We decided to make our own Poppies, the children were showing amazing fine motor skills and imaginations as they painted the plates and once they were dried they stuck a black circle on the painted plate for the middle of the poppy. The children drew around a circle shape to make their centre for their poppy. The concentration faces were fantastic! When it came to the 1 minute silence the children did us proud! They sat for the whole minute, in silence, as we watched a silent video helping us reflect on what Remembrance Day is about.

We really have been busy at Heathcote Pre School, and now we are getting ready for Christmas time with lots more exciting activities planned! Watch this space!

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