A Snowy Start at Gingham Pre-School

The children have especially enjoyed the snowy weather at Gingham. We wrapped up warm and explored the snow in our play areas. The children shared their home experiences about making snowmen and snow balls! Children used a variety of resources to explore, engage and investigate the properties of the snow. Children explored the ice, setting themselves the challenge of releasing objects that had frozen. Using their Sustained Shared Thinking skills they overcame the frozen problem- extending their ideas ‘let’s get a spade and try that’. Once inside and warmed up, the children enjoyed some snow themed stories during group time.

As well as the snowy start to the week, the children have been learning about Scotland’s Burn’s Night, by looking at poems and traditional Scottish tartan patterns, the children then attempted to recreate their own using colours for a purpose.

Australia Day was also recognised on Tuesday, the children made their own Fairy Bread to take home and share with their families- which is an Australian tradition during celebrations, some children chose to observe the Australian flag, later creating their own using mixed materials. What a wonderful start to the week!

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