A busy week at Polkadot Stratford

We had a busy week last week at Polkadot Stratford! Top Dots have been getting involved and concentrating on building their own structures using mathematical language throughout this activity such as “more”, “less”, “bigger”, “taller”.

They have also been exploring the shaving foam using vehicles, chopsticks, and paintbrushes to create their own marks and tracks.

Babies and Dots2Tots have enjoyed lots of songtime outside including “Whats in the box?”, this has helped their social skills and encouraged taking turns.

There has been lots of laughter with all age groups when playing “Hide and Seek” using different types of fabric to hide behind! We then used the fabrics to dress up!

We do hope that everyone is keeping well and look forward to welcoming back more Polkadot children soon.

Just a reminder to parents to please bring an empty beaker for your child each day.


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