A busy month at Polkadot Pershore

The main topic of February has been to promote kindness around us. Decorating our tree with different size heart shapes, collaborating on various activities, talking about our differences and what makes us unique “just like Elmer” the children would say. We talked about emotions, what makes us happy, sad, unsure, scared and children have made their own paper characters experiencing different emotions.

We have been experimenting with floating and sinking by building boats and different structures using card boxes, bricks, blocks and playdough. The children used different toy figures, or ones they had made, to go in the boats that they had built.

Older children have celebrated the Chinese New Year by trying different foods and flavours, while younger children used textured and messy play. All culminated with a very Happy Birthday celebration at the end of the month when dancing, singing and bubble play took centre stage.

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