Polkadot Staff Awards 2018

We celebrated our annual awards at the weekend and the following staff received awards;


Polkadot Employee of the Year: Corrinne Evans

Denim Employee of the Year: Nicole Thornett

Polkadot Parent Hero: Corrinne Evans

Denim Parent Hero: Niamh Timms and Sophie Jourdain


Colleague of the Year: Rachel Hall

Behind the Scenes Award: Charlotte Peachey

Best Newcomer: Megan Bailey


Outstanding Contribution Awards were presented to Lucy Stanley and Katie Nicholls.


5 & 10 Year Long Service Awards were received by Susan Mason, Gemma Crow, Laura Blinkhorne, Sophie Jourdain, Laura Smith, Netta Hill, Dawn Smith and Charlotte Green.



We would like to thank all our parents for voting and for your lovely comments that are very much appreciated.

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